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Off Tackle Empire Bowl Pick’em

Standard, Spread, or Confidence, we’ve got it all.

NCAA Football: California at UCLA Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Would you like to pick bowl games?

Would you like to impress your friends strangers on the internet?

I don’t remember if I created these or they were made by Mr. Brown, so let’s assume he did it and thank him. There are three formats—choose what you’d like.

Bowl Pick’em: Standard

  • Format: Pick the winner, straight-up.
  • Link:
  • Password: Sherman

Bowl Pick’em: Spread

  • Format: Pick the winner against the spread.
  • Link:
  • Password: Sherman

Bowl Pick’em: Confidence

  • Format: Pick the winner, straight-up, then rank your choices in order of confidence—43 points for the winner you’re most confident in, 1 point for the winner you’re least confident in.
  • Link:
  • Password: Sherman

We’ll front-page an article you write for the winners, assuming you remember to write them and don’t annoy me in the process of getting them front-paged or something.

Happy bowl season!