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Off Tackle Open Threads: December 19th Basketball

Not every game is garbage tonight!

NCAA Basketball: Michigan at Iowa
Hey! Look at us! Everything is fine!
Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports


Michigan State Spartans 79, Oakland Golden Grizzlies 62

BoilerUp89: No Christmas sweaters this year and the people are disappointed.

MaximumSam: Sparty continues to be Born Again Hard. Oakland gave Illinois and OSU fits, but not much resistance here. Xavier Book even played, so you know it was a blowout.

MNW: “Born Again Hard” is the title of Jerry Falwell Jr’s memoir, by the way.


#190 Morehead State Eagles (8-3) at #66 Indiana Hoosiers (7-3) (-12.5), 5:30 pm, BTN

MaximumSam: Morehead lost to Purdue by 30 and Penn State by 23, so we’ll see what the Hoosiers do with them.

BoilerUp89: Indiana played better against Kansas. Can they repeat the effort and strong play against a weaker opponent? Morehead is on a six game winning streak with their most recent victory coming by 69 against Saint Mary of the Wood. No, I did not make any of that up.

MNW: Speaking of the title of my memoir, “Saint Mary of the Wood”...

#29 Florida Gators (7-3) v. #49 Michigan Wolverines (6-5) (+3.5), 6 pm, ESPN

MaximumSam: The Wolverines head to North Carolina for the Jumpman Invitational, which as far as I can tell is an ode to Michael Jordan’s shoes. Well, the movie Air was pretty good, might as well make it into a basketball event. Anyways, the Gators some in as a solid team that gets up and down (12th in tempo in the country) and gets after the glass. Point guard Walter Clayton is leading the team in points, assists, and steals, so he and Dug McDaniel should make for a fun battle. Torvik goes Florida, 82-79.

BoilerUp89: Todd Golden leads Florida in year 2. The Gators aren’t a perfect team (they have their share of struggles shooting and with turnovers), but their fast pace and offensive rebounding prowess makes for a fun style of play. Since the shooting struggles and turnovers are only an issue if Michigan defends, I like Florida in this one.

MNW: Big Ten Mascots I Want to See Juwan Punch, Ranked:

  1. Purdue Pete
  2. Li’l Red
  3. Bucky Badger
  4. Goldy Gopher, just to see if his head spins
  5. Testudo
  6. Sparty
  7. Knightro or whatever the Rutgers guy is called
  8. Brutus
  9. Herky
  10. Willie
  11. The Nittany Lion

Poor guy or gal in the Nittany Lion costume might actually feel the slap.

#253 Nicholls State Colonels (4-6) at #80 Maryland Terrapins (6-4) (-18.5), 7:30 pm, BTN

BoilerUp89: Nicholls isn’t even a state. They are however a bad rebounding team that already has an upset over LSU. The Colonels will shoot a lot of threes to try and make up for their other deficiencies. Occasionally they make a bunch of them. That’s the recipe for success against Maryland but pulling it off is another thing all together.

MNW: Nicholls is one of those schools—like Tarleton State—that’s attempted to rebrand itself without the “State” in its name? Or like Purdue Fort Wayne and UW-Milwaukee trying to just go by “Fort Wayne” and “Milwaukee”?

I find the latter admirable and the former ridiculous.