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Bowls: B1G Projections

And CFP stuff.

Some of you like to debate CFP and NY6 selections options and some of you don’t. Some of you like the CFP. Some of you are “old bowl system” for life.

As somebody who doesn’t mind discussing this stuff, here’s a place to do it, as well as a range of likely destinations for B1G teams. Per the official protocols, Texas seems like a lock and there is ample room for Alabama or FSU to get the nod since each won their conference. If you care, go ahead and discuss whether the fact that FSU would have their backup QB back for a possible semifinal moves the needle. If you want to get hammered, drink each time an SEC person says “four best teams.” If you want to stay sober, drink each time an SEC person mentions Alabama needing a miracle to beat a .500 team...eight days ago.

Regardless, we all have to give the “old bowl system” crowd this:

If we were still under the old bowl system, it would be Michigan vs. Washington in Rose Bowl for the national title and there’d be nothing the SEC could do about it.


But here we are, so feel free to debate FSU or Alabama below. If nothing else, if Alabama makes it, they’re probably playing Michigan, so there’s big time schadenfreude potential there either way.

B1G Landing Spots

Based on a very scientific survey of about 15 different NY6 predictions and about five different predictions of full bowl slates, here’s what the (non-OTE) “experts” think:

Michigan: Rose Bowl vs. either Texas or Alabama. Hilarity will ensue.

Ohio State: NY6 matchup, likely with Oregon, but also saw Mizzou (?) once. Bowl seems undecided.

Penn State: Georgia, Mississippi, and Mizzou have all been mentioned as a possible NY6 opponent (I’m sure PSU fans have NO preferences on that...). Specific bowl guesses are all over the map.

Iowa: Seems locked into the Citrus bowl (or whatever it’s called now). Mississippi seems likeliest opponent, which would be a cool “offensive genius vs. defensive genius” matchup. But could also be Tennessee.

Wisconsin; Majority is leaning used-to-be Outback Bowl vs. LSU. As a traditionalist, I think Northwestern, based on their head-to-head win over UW, totally deserves this spot. If not here, probably Music City Bowl, with Auburn as a likely opponent.

Northwestern: All over the map. Music City (vs. Auburn)? Las Vegas (vs. Utah)? But plurality guess is Guaranteed Rate vs. Kansas.

Maryland: Plurality guess is Las Vegas vs. Utah, but you will also find multiple predictions of Music City bowl vs. either Auburn or SMU (WTF Jerry Palm?)

Rutgers: Seems locked into the Pinstripe Bowl vs. an ACC opponent (Miami, UNC, or Georgia Tech).

Minnesota: At 5-7, the Gophers are the beach ball that will land wherever is left over. Among the options: Las Vegas (vs. Utah), Quick Lane (vs. Miami, OH), or Guaranteed Rate (vs. West Virginia...didn’t we just do this?...or Kansas, for final custody of Glen Mason)

However it shakes out, the non-January matchups are largely looking gruesome. Go ahead and share your thoughts on how your rival is going to lose by 40, but your team will pull off the December upset.

Bowls We Know

These will be live-updated as MNW or Kind of... or anyone else has time.

  • Rose Bowl: #1 Michigan vs. #4 Alabama
  • Sugar Bowl: #2 Washington vs. #3 Texas
  • Cotton Bowl: #7 Ohio State vs. #9 Mizzou
  • Peach Bowl: #10 Penn State vs. #11 Ole Miss
  • Citrus Bowl: #17 Iowa vs. #21 Tennessee
  • ReliaQuest Bowl: wisconsin vs. TBD
  • Las Vegas Bowl: Northwestern vs. Utah
  • Music City Bowl: Maryland vs. TBD
  • Pinstripe Bowl: Rutgers vs. TBD
  • Quick Lane Bowl: Minnesota vs. Bowling Green