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Big Ten Bowl Games Announced: Rapid Reactions

NCAA Football: Quick Lane Bowl-Minnesota vs Georgia Tech Leon Halip-USA TODAY Sports

Sure, that went about how we expected.

But how MAD are you?

College Football Playoff

Rose Bowl

#1 Michigan Wolverines vs. #4 Alabama Crimson Tide

January 1 | 4pm | ESPN | PICK

Jesse Collins: Utter bullshit. I don’t love the Seminoles but you cannot do this unless you’re saying the ACC isn’t a real conference.

WSR: I can’t believe that I have to defend Florida State, but here we are. It is an absolute joke that an undefeated P5 conference champion was left out of the playoff.

Having said that, Roll Tide.

BoilerUp89: In protest I will not watch the CFP. Now I’ve never watched the CFP, but I was actually considering it this year as the field was going to be interesting and unique.

Complete horseshit. SEC played a weak non con as a whole. Beat nobody of note (their best conference win came against Louisville). What did the SEC do on the field to prove they are deserving of this? Preseason conference bias at its finest and the committee should be sent to the Hague for crimes against humanity.

AlmaOtter: Calvinball logic from the committee. Stare decisis is for suckers.

RockyMtnBlue: First of all, fuck you always and forever, Georgia. If you had just taken care of business we could have ended the Pac12 with a BigTen/Pac12 matchup in the Rose Bowl as God intended.

Second, fuck all TV executives. This is supposed to be a sport, and sport has never been about the “Best X teams”. It’s always been about winning a championship, which is earned. I understand there’s even a “player availability” clause in the committee’s charter.

The committee did nothing wrong here. They did exactly what they’re supposed to do. The crime is that they were supposed to do it.

I despise this view of sports so much, and next year we’ll have 12 teams of this shit instead of 4. Honestly, if it’s just going to be a beauty contest we don’t need a championship game at all. Go back to the old bowl system and let the polls sort it out. This isn’t better.

misdreavus79: I’ll agree on one thing: The season has never meant anything. We lied to ourselves long enough to believe the lie. We used to be in a system where a president could name his favorite team the national champion before the bowl games were even played, where a coach could get awarded a national championship because the voters felt bad for him, a system where rarely, if ever, the two “best” teams actually played each other before one of them was crowned champion.

That’s not to say I agree with Alabama jumping Florida State. I vehemently disagree with the decision. But, at the very least, Alabama will still need to play to win the game. In a bygone era, they would have been handed the title without an argument.

Besides, starting next season, both of these teams will make it and will get to prove it on the field. And then, we’ll be indignant about the 13th best team that got left out.

Kind of...: In a vacuum it’s defensible, but there’s too much precedent going against selecting a team with one more loss. FSU won in the Swamp with the QB that would be starting on Jan. 1. Last night really shouldn’t have counted against them at all. If it’s four “best” teams, then just bring back the computers.

Sugar Bowl

#2 Washington Huskies vs. #3 Texas Longhorns

January 1 | 7:45pm | ESPN | Texas -2

misdreavus79: It’s funny, the Big Ten or SEC will claim this title, even though half the field is not in either conference right now.

Kind of...: Washington has pretty regularly been a dirty program, but compared to the rest of the field, it’s like rooting for Navy or something. Plus, while Texas has their ‘Bama win and all, the Big 12 is mediocre.

New Year’s Six

Orange Bowl

#5 Florida State Seminoles vs. #6 Georgia Bulldogs

December 30 | 3pm | ESPN | Georgia -1000, probably

misdreavus79: Too bad the Seminoles can’t decline the bowl invitation.

Kind of...: Yeah, FSU got screwed, but they’re already basically an SEC team, right down to playing North Alabama in mid-November. Plus, 30 years, Bobby Bowden pleaded for another chance after they lost H2H to Notre Dame. He got it, and FSU won a title while losing to the one-loss team that finished #2.

I can’t look at the Seminoles as a victim. I’ve been around too long.

Cotton Bowl

#7 Ohio State Buckeyes vs. #9 Missouri Tigers

December 29 | 7pm | ESPN

Kind of...: I remember the home-and-home in ‘97 and ‘98...I suspect Ohio State will be up for the game. If they win, hooray for the B1G. If they lose, get bent OSU. Whatever. I’ll watch, with limited enthusiasm.

AlmaOtter: As an Illini fan with Buckeyes in-laws, I’m excited for this one. Hoping to see some new Ohio State WR prospect light the Misery Tigers up, given that MHJ is likely opting out of this one.

Peach Bowl

#10 Penn State Nittany Lions vs. #11 Ole Miss Rebels

December 30 | 11am | ESPN

87townie: FSU got screwed, but yeah - third string quarterback. And fuck the Peach Bowl.

misdreavus79: Penn State goes to the Peach Bowl for the first time to face Ole Miss for the first time. Lots of firsts in this one. [more thoughts when I’m back home]

Kind of...: Will there be enough cameras for the two coaches?

The Better Bowl Games You Actually Care About

Citrus Bowl

#17???? Iowa Hawkeyes vs. #21 Tennessee Volunteers

January 1 | 12pm | ABC | Line | O/U 24.5

Kind of...: Seems like a solid shot for Iowa. Tennessee had a down year and I think Phil Parker has done well with less time to prepare for more consistent QBs.

ReliaQuest Bowl

Wisconsin Badgers vs. LSU Tigers

January 1 | 11am | ESPN2

Kind of...: Anticipate heavy attrition from LSU starters, but not sure how much it’s going to matter. Wisconsin’s best win is...Rutgers? Georgia Southern? I think LSU’s second-string would be favored against those teams.

AlmaOtter: I’m hoping that Brian Kelly affects a terrible Aussie accent for the occasion.

Music City Bowl

Maryland Terrapins vs. Auburn Tigers

December 30 | 1pm | ABC

Kind of...: Feels fresh. Totally a game where SEC fans will count it if Auburn wins, but say nobody cares is they lose. Maryland has won their last two bowls, FWIW.

AlmaOtter: 126 more yards for Taulia and he’ll pass up Curtis Painter for third on the single-season B1G passing charts.

Pinstripe Bowl

Rutgers Scarlet Knights vs. Miami Hurricanes

December 28 | 1:15pm | ESPN

AlmaOtter: Much like every Springsteen song ever written, you’ve only made it in Jersey once you’ve crossed the bridge into NYC. Congrats, Rutgers.

MNW: ahahahahahaha unmotivated miami drew the short straw

Quick Lane Bowl

Minnesota Golden Gophers vs. Bowling Green Falcons

December 26 | 1pm | ESPN

Kind of...: Minnesota mugged Georgia Tech in the 2018 Quick Lane to really get the Peej hype train rolling. Might as well return to Detroit as that train is wheezing to a halt.

AlmaOtter: I’m guessing Minnesota won’t be 30.5 point favorites this time around.

Las Vegas Bowl

Northwestern Wildcats vs. Utah Utes

December 23 | 6:30pm | ABC

MNW: About as good as I would've dared hope for. Northwestern will be punching up at a preseason contender in the Old Pac-12, albeit one that struggled after the injury to QB Cam Rising.

In terms of SP+, the Utes rank out most comparably to Duke (middle of the pack on offense, top 25ish on D). Their fill-in QB can pick the 'Cats apart or be error-prone, and Whittingham's defenses are going to take a tire iron to your offense on their worst of days.

I can understand why Ute fans might be disappointed; for the 'Cats, though, this is a fun and accessible bowl destination. Let's get weird.

Kind of...: Wildcats are playing with house money. Utah is just looking to get the season over. Utah will no doubt be fueled by a white hot desire for revenge given the 2018 Holiday Bowl, though, right? Kyle Whittingham was once 11-1 in bowl games, but the Utes on a four-game losing streak that began that night in San Diego.

Honestly, it really should just be a fun exhibition. One of the better bowls to just kick back and take in. Congrats on the season Northwestern, win or lose.