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Big Ten Tourney: Championship Open Thread

Will The One True P Stand Up?

Syndication: Journal-Courier
Look ma I’m not even jumping
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Saturday, March 11th

Purdue Boilermakers 80, Ohio State Buckeyes 66

MaximumSam: The Baby Bucks ran out of gas and into a Zach Edey shaped snow bank. Edey dropped 32 and 14 and never at any time did the Buckeyes have much shot at guarding him. At one point, they were using guard Ice Likekele on him, which worked about as well as you might expect. Freshman Roddy Gayle dropped 20 for OSU, so perhaps they will be able to score next year.

Penn State Nittany Lions 77, Indiana Hoosiers 73

MaximumSam: You know, it was 72-57 Nits with two minutes left, and I had checked out and was playing PS5 and having a good time. 90 seconds later it was 74-73 and I was scrambling trying to put the game back on. PSU held on, willed to a win by Jalen Pickett and his 28 points. PSU looked dead a couple weeks ago - now they are playing for some hardware and headed to the NCAA tourney. Good job, Shrews.

misdreavus79: Hey, you stole my line! I’ll be honest with you, I did not think I’d see Penn State play this particular Sunday. Yet here they are, after having survived a furious Indiana rally to close out the game. The team looked tired at spots, but never gassed. Let’s hope there’s enough left in the tank for one more!

Sunday, March 12th

#6 Purdue Boilermakers v. #42 Penn State Nittany Lions, 2:30 pm, CBS

MaximumSam: Purdue won both regular season matchups by double digits. PSU has the same issue OSU just did - they don’t really have a natural person to guard Edey. Jalen Pickett is playing in his last B1G game. Zach Edey might be, too, so tune in for emotional purposes, if you still have some human feeling after watching Big Ten basketball all winter. Torvik goes Boils, 72-65.

misdreavus79: To watch Penn State in the Big Ten Tournament championship is no less than elating, and, even if Purdue wipes the floor with the Lions they way they did the past two times (it’s not that hard to beat a team three times when you’re the better team, folks!), they more than made up for the atrocious stretch by winning five in a row, and solidifying their NCAA Tournament status. Anything from here on out is gravy!