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Dain Dainja is your 2023 Big Ten Basketball Name Of The Year

The votes have been tallied in our Big Ten Tournament For Awesome Names.

While the matchup for the finals felt like a foregone conclusion, the finals themselves were anybody’s guess.

At the end of the day though, by a margin of 71%-29%, your overwhelming Name of the Year winner for 2023 is...

Dain Dainja, Illinois Fighting Illini

Dainja soundly defeated Boo Buie in the finals as the top two seeds and the only unanimous nominations went head to head. This matchup was the inevitable result of the voting process and the people have spoken: Dainja Dainja! High Voltage!

Your third place winner, by a mere six votes (51%-49%)...

Carson Dick, Maryland Terrapins

Dick slid into third place by the narrowest of margins over Wilhelm Breidenbach in a poll that I was simply too curious about to not conduct.

Dainja becomes the fifth Name of the Year honoree in OTE history.

OTE Hall of Name:

  • Dain Dainja, 2023 Men’s Basketball
  • Fatts Russell, 2022 Men’s Basketball
  • Chancellor Brewington, 2021 Football
  • Michael Penix, 2019 Football
  • Taco Charlton & Eddie McDoom, 2016 Football