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Need more wrestling? How to watch every conference wrestling tournament

That’s right, other conferences wrestle too! Just not as well

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Listen, if y’all are gonna let BoilerBot69420 write about the ASUN, I’m gonna cover some extra wrestling. There’s, like, seven wrestling conferences, and while only one of the really matters, the others can be fun to watch sometimes. Occassionally they have national 1v2 matchups like Carr v O’Toole in the Big 12, and occassionally they do really stupid things like put 3-time national champions as the two-seed despite no conference losses like Yianni and the EIWA. So how do you watch this entertainment? Well just keep on reading, pal.


Session 1 (quarterfinals) - Sunday at 10AM on ACC Extra (Jesus guys, give it up)

Session 2 (semifinals) - Sunday at Noon on ACC Extra

Session 3 (consolation semifinals) - Sunday at 2:30PM on ACC Extra

Session 4 (finals and medal round) - Sunday at 4PM on ACC Network


The ACC always cracks me up because they have 14 (15) teams, and six wrestle. And unlike the Big 12, who lets in other guys like UVU and UNI and former member Mizzou, they limit it to just ACC guys. Like, you could add Lehigh and Cornell and Princeton and it would make your league stronger. Anyways, they have two top-ten guys at 133 (Latona and Phillippi), they have two top-five guys at 141 (Matthews and Jack), and again at 157 (O’Connor and Andonian, plus #8 Ed Scott). This is a decent tournament, if only it weren’t on ACC Extra (like that’s a real thing).

The Big 12 Conference

Session 1 (preliminary and quarterfinals) - Saturday at 10AM on ESPN+

Session 2 (semifinal and consolation quarterfinals) - Saturday at 5PM on ESPN+

Session 3 (consolation semifinals and medal round) - Sunday at Noon on ESPN+

Session 4 (championship round) - Sunday at 8PM on ESPNU


Big matches to watch for include a potential Carr v O’Toole rematch in the finals and maybe Keckeisen v Coleman in the 184 finals? They also have Daton Fix and Andrew Alirez, who are favorites to make the NCAA finals this year. The Big 12 is maybe the second-best conference in the country, but I still probably won’t watch until the semifinals.

The Big Ten Conference

Yeah, just click here.

The Eastern Intercollegiate Wrestling Association

Session 1 (preliminary, R16, and consolation first round) - Saturday at 9:30AM on Flowrestling

Session 2 (quarterfinals, consolation second and third rounds) - Saturday at 3:30PM on Flowrestling

Session 3 (semifinals, consolation quarterfinals and semifinals) - Sunday at 9:15AM on Flowrestling

Session 4 (finals and medal rounds) - Sunday at 3:30PM on Flowrestling


So, first of all, the EIWA has 17 member schools. That is insane. Coming soon to a conference near you. But also, these preseeds... yeesh. Pat Glory is undefeated and majored Brett Ungar a month ago, and yet Ungar is the one seed over him and the next two guys that he also lost to. Doug Zapf is the one over Yianni, who beat him 8-3 in February. Supposedly they can still fix these, but yeah, this is not good.

As for matches to watch for, most of these weights have a fun guy or two, so just watch matches with Pat Glory, Vito Arujau, Yianni Diakomihalis, Michael Beard, and the like. 165 could end with Julian Ramirez and Quincy Monday, and 174 has Foca, Incontrera, Pasiuk, and O’Malley, so that should be plenty fun. Unfortunately, you’ll need to have Flowrestling


Session 1 (preliminaries) - Friday at 11AM

Session 2 (quarterfinals, consolation round one) - Friday at 1PM

Session 3 (semifinals, consolation round two) - Friday at 4PM

Session 4 (consolation quarterfinals, semifinals) - Saturday at 10:30AM

Session 5 (finals and medal rounds) - Saturday at 2PM on ESPN+


Man, this just isn’t the same without Mizzou. Check out Corbyn Munson at 157 and... Ethan Laird at 197, I guess? Sorry man. I’m gonna skip this one.

The Pac-12 Conference

Session 1 (first round, semifinals, consolation semifinals) - Sunday at Noon on

Session 2 (finals and medal rounds) - Sunday at 6:45PM on the Pac-12 Network


Like the ACC, the Pac-12 is condensed to six teams. Unlike the ACC, that includes part-timers Cal Poly, Arkansas-Little Rock, and CSU-Bakersfield. Only ASU, Oregon State, and Stanford wrestle from the Pac-12. 149 should be a fun weight here, with Kyle Parco, Jaden Abas, and Dom Demas. Shane Griffith is a two-seed after his season finale loss to Matthew Olguin of Oregon State, the one.

The SoCon

Session 1 (everything but the finals and medal rounds) - Saturday at 9AM

Finals and Medal Rounds - Saturday at 4:30PM


There’s Jonathan Millner, the ninth-ranked wrestler at 149, and... that’s pretty much it. Holy cow, could a whole conference not get a single All-American? That’d be something.

So there you have it. Now if you’ll just excuse me, I’m gonna lock my TV to the Big Ten Network