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Big Ten Tournament: Pick ‘Em Challenge

Showcase your knowledge of the best regional postseason tournament you’ll see this week. Maybe.

And so concludes one of the weirder seasons of B1G shootyhoops in recent memory. We knew the best team, we knew the worst team (Minnesota. Minnesota is the worst), but boy did the rest of the field emulsify into the same general ball of mediocrity and unpredictability. Wild ranges of tournament seeds were up for grabs all the way down to the final day, but the field is set and no one except maybe Nebraska is too thrilled.

Now comes the time to put your knowledge to the test. The Big Ten Tournament starts on Wednesday evening, so please have your picks in before the opening tip of the first game. Points double round-to-round and the tiebreaker, if needed, will be predicted final score of the title game.

If you wish, include your own off-the-wall prediction of what will occur at the end of the form and, as always, insult Wisconsin as creatively and impressively as you are able. Best answers will be included in the results article.

The winner once again will receive the greatest prize of all: validation that you are the indeed the best and brightest amongst a pool of absolute degenerates. And maybe we’ll front page an (approved) article of yours if you’re cool.

Pick ‘Em form can be found here and below: