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B1G Wrestling Pick’em Results

How’d you do?

Syndication: HawkCentral Joseph Cress/Iowa City Press-Citizen / USA TODAY NETWORK

If you entered your results shortly after I launched the contest, you may have mentioned two errors: I repeated a weight, and I FORGOT TO ASK FOR NAMES. Fortunately this was caught fairly quickly, and the majority of our 68 entries were named. And the unnamed entries didn’t do great overall. Except for one, and that’s one part of our three-way tie for first. So congrats to PSUOG, Sam Y, and... someone else. I did not write a tiebreaker (I obviously rushed this), but credit to PSUOG for getting the most correct champions with 9, only missing 197. I hate inserting tables, so have fun scrolling down. Also, I shortened last names out of a respect for privacy. Some people did not include a last name in their entry, which is totally allowed but may make it a little difficult to find yourself. I did not shorten “Rusty Hooch” because I assume it’s a joke and it made me laugh. If that’s your real name, I am very, very sorry.

T1. [unnamed] 38


Sam Y. 38

T4. BoilerLion31 37


John K 37

7. JOYCE E 35

T8. Josh K 34

Jim S 34

Ryan B 34

Ron L 34

T12. chris w 33

John H 33

T14. [unnamed] 32

Douglas W. 32

T16. [unnamed] 30

[unnamed] 30

the wrestling expert 30

Tony K 30

Chris S 30

RJR 30

spigmana 30

Atinat 30

frederick s. 30

Jeffrey P. 30

T26. Jordan 29

Jim S2 29

Rusty Hooch 29

Cody B. 29

30. Schnarf 28

T31. James S. 27

John 27

T33. [unnamed] 26

[unnamed] 26

Todd D. 26

Ron W. 26

Patrick L. 26

T38. [unnamed] 25

Cole 25


Matthew C B. 25


Steve M. 25

Kevin J. 25

T45. Richard C. I. 24

Borg 24

Ron M. 24

T48. [unnamed] 23

Clint F 23

Husker1050 23

john s. 23

T52. David L. 22

Ted S 22

T54. [unnamed] 21

[unnamed] 21

Paul B. 21

Greco Thrown 5 21

Martin W. 21

T59. [unnamed] 20

[unnamed] 20

Gozer 20

62. TeeJay 18

T63. [unnamed] 17

[unnamed] 17

T65. Richard W. 16

Jaden H. 16

67. FriskyBadgersCP3 10

68. [unnamed] 9

69. Nice