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Big Ten Basketball: BTT Round 1 Open Thread

Which Bubble is Bigger? The NCAA or the NIT.

Syndication: Journal Sentinel
Ring Around The Rosie is Still Viable

Wednesday, March 8th

#64 Ohio State Buckeyes v. #69 Wisconsin Badgers, 5:30 pm, BTN

MaximumSam: The Bubbly Badgers take on the Very Not Bubbly Buckeyes in the 12/13 game. Wisconsin is currently among the first four out on Bracketology, so a loss here seems to destine them to the NIT. The first game was mostly dominated by the Badgers, at least until the last few minutes. However, that was when the Buckeyes were the the death throes of mediocrity - they have played better lately. While this is a must win for Wiscy, Torvik goes OSU, 66-65. The winner plays Iowa tomorrow.

#222 Minnesota Gophers v. #103 Nebraska Cornhuskers 8 pm, BTN

MaximumSam: No NCAA Bubbles to worry about here. Instead, the Huskers are trying to get a win and secure their place in the NIT. They have a winning regular season record for the first time under Hoiberg - a win here puts them two games over .500 and perhaps an attractive choice to whoever chooses NIT teams. Minnesota hasn’t given up - they beat Rutgers and gave Wisconsin all they wanted. Could be a good game. Torvik goes Huskers, 70-63. The winner plays Maryland tomorrow.