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B1G 2023: Indiana Week Mailbag

Dear god, I hope this goes well.

Presented without comment.

So here is the deal. MNW really needs articles this time of year. It’s hard to pay for Yeti coolers and trips to the Mediterranean if nobody posts anything. So for this week, I’ve decided to bite the bullet and pull together a mailbag of sorts for the OTE squad here.

Given that it’s Indiana week, I’d specifically like to generate some Indiana specific questions to answer. You want to know our thoughts on the Mike Davis tenure? Would Dan Dickich have been a better coach than Tom Crean? Should we go back to the oval? You know. Those kind of questions.

Also, given than I’m the only one here who cares about Indiana, we will accept any question your heart sees fit to give us. Have your questions in by noon on Wednesday, and we’ll pull our favorites and answer them here!

For the SEO, go Indiana Hoosiers.