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Wisconsin 2023: Mailbag

All questions a manner consistent with how they’re asked

Hey everybody! So far this week you’ve gotten a fairly standard overview on Wisconsin football as it faces a transitional, but optimistic, upcoming season. And you got a deeper dive into the larger CFB context that helps explain why Wisconsin is making such a move, and why a coach that Wisconsin might not have landed in the past was willing to pick up the phone.

Tomorrow and Thursday will provide more detailed overviews of the offense and defense, as I know you’re all dying for details about UW’s backup QB situation and the inside dope on how the Badgers will fill out the secondary in the face of portal departures.

In the meantime, though, the Indiana power poll went well and looked fun, so I’m doing one too!

Leave your questions in the comments, snarky, or diet.

To anticipate:

  • Yes, sometimes watching UW basketball is a grind. I mentally prepare each year by watching an Iowa football game.
  • Yes, it sucks the UW has lost their last four Rose Bowl appearances. Especially since they were all by a TD or less, and two of them were just given away.
  • No, not having a college baseball team doesn’t really trouble me. The B1G is a mid-major in that sport, but go Indiana, Iowa, and Maryland as you try to prove otherwise.

Get creative if you’d like. Ask about Wisconsin, the B1G generally, or the meaning of life. Ask about the past, present, or future. Ask about football, hoops or women’s hockey.