Is There an Angry Maryland Quarterback Hating God?



Tyrell Pigrome - One of MANY Maryland Quarterbacks Seen Since the Terps Joined the Big Ten

If you're a Maryland fan; you're all too familiar with this term: AMQBHG. Angry Maryland Quarterback Hating God!

The Washington Redskins Football Team Commanders (who, ironically also play their home games in Prince Georges County, Maryland) are probably the only other football team to have gone through as many starting quarterbacks as the Maryland Terrapins. While the Commanders' woes behind center can be attributed to one Dan Snyder, the Terps' woes require a little more analysis to figure out why Maryland's signal callers are seemingly just as likely to be standing on the sideline using crutches than on the field running plays.

The Angry Maryland Quarterback Hating God first struck back in 2012, with the following sequence (which runs the risk of causing Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome to Maryland fans):

  • 2010 ACC Rookie of the Year Danny O'Brien transfers to Wisconsin.
  • Presumed started CJ Brown blows out his knee before the season starts.
  • True freshman Perry Hills blows out his knee after being on the receiving end of a cheap shot (after throwing an interception) in the North Carolina State game.
  • Hills' backup, Devin Burns, was also lost for the season during the North Carolina State game due to a Lisfranc injury to his foot.
  • True freshman Caleb Rowe blows out his knee attempting a late-game comeback at Boston College (in a game I personally attended).
  • True freshman linebacker Shawn Petty finishes the season at quarterback.

Perry Hills in Action Versus Central Florida

As the old adage goes, those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it. AMQBHG struck again in 2017; turning another promising start into a lost 4-8 season (ala 2012). Here's how that went down:

  • Maryland upsets #23 Texas in Austin to open the season; however, starting quarterback Tyrrell Pigrome blows out his knee in the second half.
  • True freshman and 4-star recruit Kasim Hill blows out his knee after taking a nasty hit versus Central Florida (probably with many Maryland fans, such as myself, screaming into their televisions 'SLIDE!!!!' on the play he blew out his knee).
  • Sophomore Max Bortenschlager took over and played as well as could be expected for a third-string quarterback, until he was taken into the medical tent during the game at Rutgers (in a game that I personally attended).
  • Sophomore and Air Force transfer Ryan Brand got the start versus Michigan; until Max Bortenschlager was healthy enough to finish up the season at Michigan State and home against Penn State.

Max Bortenschlager in Action Versus Northwestern

I could type out the names of everyone who was Maryland's starting quarterback since 2014, but since I'm lazy I'll simply state this. CJ Brown in 2014 and Taulia Tagovailoa in 2021. These are the only two seasons where all 13 games (including bowl games) had the same starting quarterback for Maryland! Even 2022's (hopefully!) breakthrough 8-5 season saw Billy Edwards start in the Terps' 31-24 win versus Northwestern.


Ryan Brand on the Wrong End of One of Maryland's 35 Sacks in 2017

So that leads to the question: why? Is there really an Angry Maryland Quarterback Hating God - probably not. Were some seasons' Maryland offensive schemes a little risky with the number of designed quarterback runs - perhaps. Could it be that Maryland's offensive line gave up a metric crapton of sacks since joining the Big Ten - BINGO!

Since joining the Big Ten in 2014, Maryland has given up a whopping 298 sacks, highest total in the conference. Penn State is the next closest, giving up 282. Maryland only had two non-COVID seasons - 2015 and 2021 - where they gave up fewer than 30 sacks for the season. This is countered by two seasons - 2016 and 2022 - where Maryland gave up more than 40 sacks for the season. And speaking of 2022, Maryland gave up a whopping 43 sacks; compared to 1-11 Northwestern only giving up up 21.

While not direct correlation one way or another, perhaps there is an Angry Maryland Quarterback Hating God. I suspect his name is Al Davis who once famously said, 'The quarterback must go down; and he must go down hard!"

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