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What AI Can Tell Us About Iowa’s 2023 Football Record

What wonders will tech produce next?

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: DEC 31 TransPerfect Music City Bowl
i don’t like computers
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It’s getting late in Friday morning of Iowa week here at Off Tackle Empire and we don’t really have a record predictions piece in the pipeline. Would you like to know why?

No need.

We trained an AI on 20 years of Iowa football data and asked it to come up with a preview for us. Did we use ChatGPT? Nope.

Your esteemed writer here is a Brilliant Test-Taker who throughout his school career was quantifiably certified as A Really Smart Guy with a brain power level of OVER 9000.

Reader, having lived over a decade of adult life, I can confidently say that there is no intelligence more artificial than that variety.

So anyway long story short, I’m the AI and I put some data into Excel to predict Iowa’s season because generally speaking, past results are good at predicting future behavior. When you have over 20 years of data on the same head coach, you get data fidelity not achievable by most teams. I decided on a nice round 20 seasons of Kirk Ferentz Iowa, and for each season I normalized regular-season wins and losses to a 12-game schedule.

Would you like to know what the average was?

I bet you’ll never guess.

C’mon. Just try.

You’ll never believe this.

The average figure was...

7.973 Wins And 4.027 Losses


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