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Illinois Fighting Illini Basketball Fans Are Mad Online Because They’re Going To Be Bad This Year

Why are you so mad?

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament First Round-Illinois vs Arkansas
“Literally can’t believe this shit”
Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

Part of being a bastion of college athletics journalism means keeping up with current events, and let me tell you: they are SPICY! Okay okay let me SPILL THE TEA!

It seems that Illinois Fighting Illini fans don’t realize their men’s basketball team is going to be shitty, and some of them are getting defensive about this on the Internet!

It’s just the same story as every year in the Brad Underwood era, they blame departing players and talk about how much better the new guys are! Before it was Skyy Clark’s fault, it was Andre Curbelo’s fault, and before his it was Ayo Dosunmu’s, and before that it was Andres Feliz’s fault that Illinois didn’t win a single game in the 2020 NCAA Tournament!

Imagine thinking a team led by Coleman Hawkins, Terrence Shannon and a bunch of underclassmen and transfers with no proven point guard and no three-point shooters would be as good as last year’s Fighting Illini! A team like that doesn’t even make the tournament, let alone beat Michigan.

Yes, this is for social media engagement. No, this isn’t the only type of post I’ll be doing anymore. No, Juwan is never beating Illinois. I promise I’ll write something Actually Good this week.