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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 1

Go grab the beer out of the garage fridge, football is back!

Hey everyone, welcome back to Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: where we find out what the OTE “writers” are doing for game day! I procrastinated on this so it’s too late for me to think of anything fun to say here, so let’s go around the country and see what people are up to.


I’ll be in the North end zone at Kinnick Stadium, eating breakfast burritos and drinking enough of the NIL collective branded beer to forget whether or not we got to 25 points.


I’ll be at the Minnesota-Nebraska game Thursday, drinking whatever free drinks the corporation having the tailgate is handing out. They’re from iowa so probably Busch Light. On Saturday, when real college football happens, I’ll likely be paddle boarding as it is going to be 90 in southern Minnesota and that feels more like water sports weather than college football weather to me.


For Thursdays game, flying from Syracuse to Cincinnati (he’s says hoping for no flight delays). For the rest of the weekend, back home or at a labor day cookout in Cincinnati. I’ll be drinking Knob Creek assuming I didn’t finish the bottle and forget. If I’m wrong, whatever catches my eye at the friendly neighborhood liqour store on Friday.


I will be at Historic Gopher Football Stadium for Nebraska-Minnesota responsibly enjoying a Grain Belt or two. Then for the rest of the weekend the new BabySpeedReceiver tour continues across central Minnesota with Grain Belt and homemade moonshine and mimosas for everyone.


Charlotte, NC. For Thursday’s game, maybe some watermelon margaritas with my Gopher fan neighbors as a distraction. On Saturday, I will either be drinking hospital water with ice in the maternity ward or drinking a Sam Adams Summer Ale I purchased on clearance at Publix while my neighbors do their fantasy draft during the Penn State game. That’s if I make it back from my hockey game in time, there’s always a chance of several pitchers of Labatt after a victory.


Cabin, northwestern wisconsin. Sunday morning, so I’ll go feel bad about my sins, then come home and do my penance.I’ll likely start with a bloody with some Yeoman Vodka from Perlick Distilling. (Possibly my favorite vodka.) Beef stick, cheese curds, all the fixings. Then, when it gets out of hand, I’m sure I’ll just pack a cooler full of Grain Belt and Fair State, then go float in the lake.


House. Northeastern Cincinnati. Attempting to keep sanity as I unpack from this move.Probably drinking lite beer because that’s all my stomach can stomach this weekend.


I’m gonna be in the amphitheater at Music Hall in Detroit playing salsa music for a Cuban themed fancy party that hopefully doesn’t get drowned out by the Detroit Jazz Festival, and it seems like a good time to smuggle in a flask of Havana Club 7 Cuban rum.

Brian Gillis

I’ll be in Los Angeles this weekend. I’m planning on taking in a number of games at a number of venues this season - but I’ll be homebound week one. Looking forward to the extended weekend of action. In addition to watching Michigan’s debut on Peacock, I’m looking forward to seeing the Nebraska/Minnesota, Florida/Utah and LSU/FSU games.


I’ll be at home in with my family watching Northwestern play Rutgers. I’ll be drinking some local beers from revolution brewing. After the game I’m having a cookout with family, where I’ll be grilling burgers and maybe some pizza with fresh tomatoes and basil from my garden

RU in VA

I’ll be up north in Baltimore/Ellicott City shepherding my 8th grader around to different soccer games for a Labor Day Tournament - 1PM kickoff on Sunday so I’ll be watching Rutgers and Northwestern play the least watched game this weekend from a phone. Sunkist orange soda has a bit of a hold on me right now.


So I 100% forgot that Nebraska played on Thursday night - what a delight. I’ll probably be at home grading/prepping. My brother gave me a bottle of Pimm’s and I’ve been loving the Pimm’s Cup life this summer, and with summer making another charge this weekend, that sounds like the perfect thing to sip while watching Nebraska fumble away another winnable season and conference opener.


I’ll be home in the Boston metro area, probably not drinking coffee since it’s a night game, so seltzer it is!

Kind Of...

I’ll be in the greater Philly area watching the Fickell era begin. Lots of different beers to choose from, but I may also drink a bit of the Limoncello I smuggled home from Germany. After all, smuggling Limoncello out of Germany is the closest analogue I can think of to Wisconsin running the Air Raid.

Larry Wilson

At at Towson Tigers tailgate. A good friend teaches there.


In front of a big TV in my basement in sunny northern metro Denver. Drinking iced tea with a laptop in my lap striving to get into midseason shit-posting form.

Alright it’s week 1, let’s start off strong. Everyone head down to the comments and let us know what you’re doing and/or drinking. Football is back, we made it!