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Sunday Afternoon Mailbag Call: What’s your favorite B1G/Pac-12 After Dark moment?

Send us your Big Ten football questions.

Cal’s head coach Sonny Dykes unhappy with the officialsduring the third quarter, as the Cal Berkeley Golden Bears take on the Northwestern Wildcats at Memorial stadium in Berkeley , Calif. on Saturday August 31, 2013. Photo by Michael Macor/San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images

Good afternoon. I hope you’ve had a pleasant weekend. Mine included family photos that [error: text redacted after wife asked me what I was writing].

Two things struck me as I watched the late games on Saturday—OK, three things: (1) man, having a kid has meant one beer goes a lot further than it used it, (2) lololololololololololololololololololol get dicked wisconsin and my badger friend who told me mid-game to go fuck myself, and (3) turbo-fuck Hugh Freeze.

That’s not a statement on Hugh Freeze, Noted Asshole—it’s a statement on his complaining that Auburn went out to Cal, leaving Tigers fans stuck with a 10:30pm ET kickoff in Berkeley. When will the mean old world of college football stop being so mean to the SEC?

Here is your chance to ask us questions—what we did this weekend, if we think Nebraska is truly snakebitten or just temporarily embarrassed millionaires, how best to tell your wife you like her dress but can’t comment on if it’ll “work” for pictures because you’re colorblind and she makes fun of you for it all the time...

...y’know, whatever.

Also, tell me your favorite memory of YOUR team playing Pac-12 After Dark.