The Ferentz Line Report (Week 2)

As we all know by now, everyone's favorite offensive coordinator needs to score 25 points per game across the season, or else he might actually be in jeopardy of being fired. (He won't be fired unless he joins the ranks of B1G coaches embroiled in off-field scandals.) There are plenty of folx charting Iowa's progress over the course of the season, some with musical accompaniment, but it amuses me to see how the B1G as a whole does against the Ferentz Line, so here we go.

In other news, I am gonna miss the B1G West in all its stupid 17-10 rock fight glory.

Week Two:

14 Nebraska
20 Iowa
22 Wisconsin
23 Illinois
24 Purdue
---25 Minnesota---
35 Michigan
38 Maryland
38 Northwestern
41 Indiana
63 Penn State


12.0 (24/2) Nebraska
19.0 (38/2) Minnesota
22.0 (44/2) Indiana
22.0 (44/2) Iowa
22.5 (45/2) Northwestern
26.5 (53/2) Illinois
29.0 (58/2) Ohio State
29.5 (59/2) Purdue
30.0 (60/2) Rutgers
30.0 (60/2) Wisconsin
32.5 (65/2) Michigan
38.0 (76/2) Maryland
38.0 (76/2) Michigan State
50.5 (101/2) Penn State

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