Iowa's Path to 25ppg - Week 2


Despite the fact that MNW hijacked my last post and plastered one of the most cringe worthy images on the internet at the top of it, I'm answering the call to provide an update now that week 2 is in the books.

Last week Iowa took the two hour road trip to Ames and came away with a 20-13 win. While Iowa failed to hit the obvious 25 point threshold in their second straight game to start the year, the week 2 result against Iowa State was actually a solid road score to inch their way closer to the end of season target. I originally budgeted 18pts needed in this game, and they exceeded that target by two points. They are now 10 points behind my adjusted schedule for the season.

Week 3 sees Iowa hosting Western Michigan, their last OOC opponent for the regular season. This is a MAC team that just got lit up by Syracuse in a 48-7 drubbing. If the Ferentz's are at all concerned about actually hitting the 25ppg end-of-season target, this week probably represents their last chance in a while to make up some ground. Their week 12 home game, against an Illinois squad that is not looking remotely as stingy as last year's squad, is really the only adjusted target that looks noticeably low to me.

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