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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 3

Come let us know what’s in your koozie tomorrow

Happy Friday and welcome to Where We Be, What We Be Drinking! Pumpkin beer and Oktoberfest is on the shelves, it’s dangerously close to sweatshirt weather, and Brian Ferentz has yet to reach his 25 point benchmark. Football is officially in midseason form. Let’s see what everyone is up to this weekend:


I’m in Denver, and I’ve got a long day planned tomorrow. In the morning we’re going to Celtic on Market to watch West Ham vs Manchester City. We’ll probably find a brewery after that to catch some football (we’ll do our best to convince a bartender to put Iowa-Western Michigan on one of the TVs but I’m not holding my breath). Tomorrow night we’re going to the Colorado Rapids game. Drinks will be whatever local beers we can find, and the food will be whatever the places with beer have.


I’ll be watching the NU game at home in suburban chicago, drinking probably the first batch of some locally brewed pumpkin flavored beer.


Life continues to look out for me by making sure I’ll never actually have to watch an entire Northwestern football game. This week, after a morning with the kiddo while mom’s at a baby shower, I’ll be interrupted midway through for some friends’ pregger kegger. After that, it’s off to watch the other team that loves to disappoint me: Minnesota United.

The pregger kegger will surely be some cheap light beer (come onnnnn, Mich Golden) and maybe a keg of something of the “Castle Danger Cream Ale” variety, but otherwise it’ll be coffee to keep up with the little shit, who’ll be walking any day now.


I’m actually not sure what I’m doing— maybe going to see Barbie again, or to the community theater production of “Murder on the Orient Express.” Good luck, ‘Skers!


For possibly a record 3rd straight weekend, I’ll be home in Cincinnati. Probably drinking some light beer, unless I head to Zinzinnati and then it’ll be Oktoberfest brews for me.


Oktoberfest Zinzinnati! Headed downtown for America’s largest Oktoberfest. Drinking various Oktoberfest beers. Eating various german foods.

Dead Read

I will be in beautiful downtown Lincoln, knee-deep in approach/avoid conflict over the Nebraska game.

Jesse Collins

Football season is generally a painful existence these days, but it is an excuse to eat bbq. This week, I’ve decided to treat myself and put in an order at interstellar BBQ (Texas Monthly’s #2 in the state of Texas) which is quite literally the best BBQ I’ve had in my entire life. I might watch my team be miserable, but I’ll do it with the best brisket in Austin. (

Brian Gillis

I’ll be in Los Angeles, enjoying another weekend at home before my college football road tour begins next week.

RU in VA

I will be at yet, another soccer game for the oldest. We’ll probably get to a restaurant of some type where I’ll be enjoying some type of IPA that beer snobs on Reddit love to say “it tastes like pine needles”. But hey, my kitchen reno should be done after 6 weeks of eating from an air fryer in my basement. Things might be coming up Milhouse?


I will be sitting on my couch in Suburban St. Paul for the Gopher game after a noon 10th birthday party for Kid2. Before I consume my well-earned Cherry Coke Zero, I’m going to whomp the hell out of some kids at trampoline basketball (and probably injure multiple joints and ligaments in the process).


at this point i have no fucking idea where i’m going to be when this thing kicks off but i can guarantee you it won’t be champaign. i’ll either be in naperville, IL, royal oak MI or possibly saugatuck MI, but it’s most likely that wherever i am, i’m just gonna be drinking a big fat Liquid IV when our game kicks off at 11AM central.


I’ll be in Rock Hill, SC drinking whatever they sell during Winthrop volleyball matches

Alma Otter

I’ll be in lovely suburban northern Virginia watching Penn State attempt to take their revenge for Illinois’ victory in the 9OT game. Then Ohio State at 4:00 with my Buckeyes-crazed wife and father-in-law and our menagerie of animals. Might crack open a Tripping Animals Pumpkin-delic beer, which is much less pumpkin-laden than the name would imply.


I’ll be staying home again, but this time I’m going to fire up the game(s) in my spare monitors as I have a ton of work to catch up on.


Mankato MN drinking whatever is being served at a coworkers wedding reception.

Kind Of...

There is no longer a killer on the loose in the greater Philly area, so I’ll be drinking something in celebration. Except I actually have to be in Harrisburg this weekend, and that is not to be celebrated. Whatever is on tap at the hotel bar, I guess?

Alright nerds, head down to the comments and let us know what you’re serving tomorrow.