The Ferentz Line Report (Week 3)

Congratulations to Iowa and Nebraska, who both broke the Ferentz Line for the first time this season. In Iowa's case, they piled on enough points to actually get above the line for the season, as well. Nebraska is still a bit short for the season (tied with the other NU).

Week Three:

For this week, we're 8-6 against the line. Four of the losers are B1G West squads, two are B1G East.

7 Michigan State
13 Illinois
13 Minnesota
14 Indiana
14 Northwestern
20 Purdue
30 Penn State
31 Michigan
35 Nebraska
35 Rutgers
35 Wisconsin
41 Iowa
42 Maryland
63 Ohio State


OSU took a big step up in the season rankings. (Is the Death Star operational?) Penn State is still in front, but just by a little bit. Three games in, Penn State, Ohio State, and Maryland have a pretty solid lead over the rest of the field...but it's still early, and September will be ending soon enough.

For the season, we're 9-5 against the line. Indiana is the only B1G East team below the line. Minnesota trails the pack at only 17.0 PPG.

17.0 (51/3) Minnesota
19.3 (58/3) Indiana
19.7 (59/3) Nebraska
19.7 (59/3) Northwestern
22.0 (66/3) Illinois
26.3 (79/3) Purdue
27.7 (83/3) Michigan State
28.3 (85/3) Iowa
31.7 (95/3) Rutgers
31.7 (95/3) Wisconsin
32.0 (96/3) Michigan
39.3 (118/3) Maryland
40.3 (121/3) Ohio State
43.7 (131/3) Penn State

Record Against the Line:

Three teams have perfect records against the line. Everyone has met or crossed the line at least once.

1-2 Illinois
1-2 Indiana
1-2 Iowa
1-2 Minnesota
1-2 Nebraska
1-2 Northwestern
1-2 Purdue
2-1 Michigan State
2-1 Ohio State
2-1 Rutgers
2-1 Wisconsin
3-0 Maryland
3-0 Michigan
3-0 Penn State

Who's Safe?

To hit the 25 PPG mark, you need at least 300 points in a 12-game season, 325 in a 13-game season, and 350 in a 14-game season. Nobody's there yet (it's only week 3, after all), but once teams start hitting those thresholds, I'll mark them safe.

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