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Sunday Night Mailbag Call: Any way you flip it...

Ask us your burning B1G questions.

What you’re looking at in the header image is the first MNWildkit original.

I woke from a nap this afternoon to learn that the decision-maker of the house had given our not-13-months-old crayons—albeit the twisty plastic-shelled ones she can’t break—and thus sealed my fate to be scrubbing our baseboards until the child finally picks out my nursing home.

For whatever it’s worth, I’m impressed that she made so much color on her first attempt.

What I don’t know is which direction the picture is supposed to face. Wanting to avoid some sort of Mondrianesque fiasco, I have asked Ms. Wildkit for her artist’s interpretation, but Mom walked upstairs and a tantrum ensued.

Ask us your very best Mailbag questions about Big Ten football, life, children’s art, or whatever else is on your mind. We’ll get you some answers on Thursday.

In the meantime, any way you flip it, Northwestern football is still terrible.