Trivial Pursuit B1G-Style


Looking for something to kill a little time, serve as a basis for a drinking game, and/or recall Big Ten football history? If so, then here's a game of Two-Dozen Questions (think the original Twenty Questions plus four extras, kind of like the 2023 edition of the Big Ten) that might fit the bill. I'll list the questions here and then provide the answers after folks have had opportunities to give it a go and look up the answers on Google provide their answers.

And with that, here's the questions. Good luck!

1. Who's the only person to play in and be the head coach of the same Big Ten school in the Rose Bowl?

2. What was the first Big Ten team that Woody Hayes lost to as Ohio State head coach?

3. Which Big Ten team was the final conference game victory for Woody Hayes?

4. In 2008, what did Rich Rodriguez accomplish at Michigan for the first time in 79 years?

5. During his 2 years in Minneapolis, what did Lou Holtz accomplish that no other Minnesota coach has been able to do since?

6. Who was the last Minnesota head coach to beat both Iowa and Wisconsin in the same season?

7. What's the only team to go undefeated playing a full Big Ten conference schedule?

8. Which head coach lead Northwestern to their only #1 ranking in the AP Poll?

9. What did Northwestern accomplish in 1970 and 1971 that had only been done once (until that point) in the history of Wildcats' football?

10. What school did Joe Paterno register his first-ever victory over a Big Ten team against?

11. What school did Tom Osborne register his first-ever victory over a Big Ten team against?

12. What was the regular season undefeated team that Indiana registered their first-ever bowl game victory against?

13. Which Big Ten team went undefeated against Bo Schembechler during his tenure as Miami of Ohio's head coach?

14. What did Nick Saban accomplish in his last season as Michigan State head coach that has only been done once since then?

15. What accomplishment did Ron Zook do that Urban Meyer was unable to do?

16. Which two Big Ten teams does Maryland own bowl game victories over?

17. During the 1969 - 1978 'Ten Year War', what were the only Big Ten teams besides Ohio State and Michigan to play in bowl games?

18. What were the only two Big Teams that SMU defeated when Hayden Fry was their head coach?

19. What did the teacher/pupil combo Hayden Fry and Bret Bielema accomplish that the teacher/pupil combo Woody Hayes and Bo Schembechler were unable to do?

20. Hayden Fry lost his first game as a head coach to which past, present, and/or future Big Ten team?

21. Besides hailing from the Woody Hayes coaching tree and being Ohio State assistant coaches, what other distinction do Bo Schembechler and Earle Bruce share?

22. Who has the better Rose Bowl record: Purdue, Northwestern, or Minnesota?

23. Of Maryland, Purdue, Ohio State, and Michigan; which teams (officially!) have a winning record in bowl games?

24. Who has more wins versus Notre Dame; Penn State or Northwestern?

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