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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 4

Happy Friday to everyone in Big Ten country and beyond

Welcome to Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: the weekly segment where you waste 15 minutes at work on a Friday morning by sitting on the toilet and reading about what the OTE “writers” are doing for game day. Let’s go around the country and see what everyone is doing:


I’ll be in Iowa City tomorrow, but I don’t know for sure what I’ll be doing or drinking. An educated guess says I’ll be on my own couch drinking Hamm’s and some Toppling Goliath Golden Nuggets. Food will officially be a strange buffet made of four nights worth of leftovers. Listen, I have kids so not every weekend can be a banger.


This Saturday, I’ll actually be at home in the Chicago suburbs. I’ve been asked to grill up some tasty food for my Mother In Law’s birthday on my trusty Weber charcoal kettle and after all that I’ll (let’s be honest) watch the Cat’s lose to the Goofballs by drinking some locally brewed pumpkin beer.


Charlotte, NC. All the OSU and PSU fans in my neighborhood want to come over to try to muster enough backing for Rutgers to knock off Michigan. Or just an excuse for the wives to see the new baby. So if they bring beer for me, whatever that is. If not, I’ll probably be drinking that Red Rooster or whatever it’s called from Lidl.


I will be in the basement of my hometown bowling alley at the reception for the second wedding of a high school friend. I will be drinking everything I can get my hands on, which will probably just be the busch light keg that they sprung for.

Brian Gillis

I’ll be in Phoenix this weekend, hopefully enjoying some sub-100 degree weather. Saturday night, I’ll be in Tempe, watching Caleb Williams and USC do battle against Arizona State. I’m not sure how much battling Arizona State will actually be doing, but looking forward to another opportunity to watch Williams play in person.


I might pull up the good seltzer to watch this one. Hell, if Penn State rolls, I might take out the chocolate.


I think I’m going to go to this game! The weather looks great, and the Huskers have a shot. What more can a girl ask for? I suppose I’ll have a Runza and water, then whatever sad drinking happens after we lose to LA Tech.


I recounted. This is weekend number 5 in a row in the REAL Queen City. Will be doing my best to drink lite beers at kickoff but may just have some relaxing OJ and vodka instead. You know, mix it up.


I’ll be in Cincinnati, avoiding the wisconsin game as best I can.

He was a high school QB

Duluth MN taking in the Fall scenery probably not watching any football whatsoever and drinking gin and tonic maybe or else Grain Belt Nordeast.

RU in VA

I will be at a 3rd grade soccer game, then a basketball evaluation for that same 3rd grader. I did put money on Rutgers to cover the billion point spread, and probably just pissed that money away - so I will be probably getting rip roaring toasty at our charity function later in the evening and silent bidding on stuff I don’t need - at a winery ( if you’re bored and want to directly feed hungry kids).


I will be enjoying a nice, boring weekend at home in suburban St. Paul. Because the Buckeyes and Gophers play at the same time again, the kitchen will be the DMZ between the family room Tv where the ladyfriend will be watching tOSU and the living room TV where I’ll have the Gophers. Chili, nachos, and other TBD snacks along with some Grain Belt and wine will be available in the DMZ. Hopefully everyone survives.

Dead Read

I will be in lovely downtown Lincoln. Doing what I always do.

Alma Otter

I’ll be in northern Virginia watching the Illini offense flail in the afternoon, followed by watching my wife’s Buckeyes in the evening, all while finalizing logistics for our very impending wedding reception. Did she purposefully set our wedding on Ohio State’s bye week? Yes. Yes she did.

That’s it for us, now head down to the comments and let everyone know what you’re doing tomorrow!