The Ferentz Line Report (Week 4)

This look at the Ferentz Line is not nuanced. Every team and every game is equal — it’s just about whether or not you can hit that magic 25 point Ferentz Line in any given game, and how you’re doing for the season. If you want nuance, take a look at BanTheDH’s fan posts visualizing Iowa’s path to 325.

Speaking of Iowa…one week after putting up 41 points to cross the Ferentz Line for the first time all season (and lift themselves over the line for the season!), they put up all of 0 points against Penn State (falling back under the line for the season). The game was a second-degree mollywhopping for Iowa as a team, but I think it’s a first-degree mollywhopping of Brian Ferentz personally.

I'd also like to point out that Iowa is now in last place (or tied for last place) in every single category I am tracking in the report. As it should be. You are a glorious beast, Brian.

At theguyfromy-wega’s suggestion, I am reordering my rankings from top to bottom, so that the teams above the line actually appear, you know, above the line.

Week Four:

For the second week in a row, we're 8-6 against the line. Shame on every team that scored fewer points than the mighty mighty Northwestern Wildcats, shame on wisconsin just on principle, and shame on Iowa in particular for not even mustering up a safety.

38 Wisconsin
37 Northwestern
34 Minnesota
31 Maryland
31 Michigan
31 Penn State
29 Indiana
28 Nebraska
23 Illinois
17 Ohio State
17 Purdue
9 Michigan State
7 Rutgers
0 Iowa


Penn State, Maryland, and Ohio State remain the three teams at the top of the Ferentz Line season standings, though the Terps and the Buckeyes have swapped places. It is possible that Notre Dame was a more difficult opponent than Michigan State, but who cares about that. I already said this isn’t about nuance.

For the season, we're 6-8 against the line. Iowa is now tied with Minnesota at the very bottom of the pile.

40.5 (162/4) Penn State
37.3 (149/4) Maryland
34.5 (138/4) Ohio State
33.3 (133/4) Wisconsin
31.8 (127/4) Michigan
25.5 (102/4) Rutgers
24.0 (96/4) Northwestern
24.0 (96/4) Purdue
23.0 (92/4) Michigan State
22.3 (89/4) Illinois
21.8 (87/4) Indiana
21.8 (87/4) Nebraska
21.3 (85/4) Minnesota
21.3 (85/4) Iowa

Record Against the Line:

We’ve still got three teams who are perfect against the line. I don’t think that’s changing next week.

4-0 Maryland
4-0 Michigan
4-0 Penn State
3-1 Wisconsin
2-2 Indiana
2-2 Michigan State
2-2 Minnesota
2-2 Nebraska
2-2 Northwestern
2-2 Ohio State
2-2 Rutgers
1-3 Illinois
1-3 Purdue
1-3 Iowa

Who's Safe?

To hit the 25 PPG mark, you need at least 300 points in a 12-game season, 325 in a 13-game season, 350 in a 14-game season, and 375 in a 15-game season. Nobody's there yet, but once teams start hitting those thresholds, I'll mark them safe.

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