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Monday Morning Mailbag Call: A Month In, How are YOU?

Life, love, and punting from your opponent's 38.

NCAA Football: Minnesota at Northwestern David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning. I originally had a great idea for the intro/soft hook to this article...

...and 1,000 words later, DWT;WT is done.

I don't have a ton else to tell you, and I have to hit 150 words. Life is decent: in addition to a great kid and loving wife, I'm grateful to have a tenure-track job. I say that, of course, having drafted and then deleted about 300 words of complaints about how many committees I got drafted to serve on. But, a month in, I've made the best of a work, travel, and parenting situation that is less than ideal.

In that same timeframe, I'm not sure how many Big Ten teams can say the same. Whether it's the gnashing of teeth audible in Minnesota today, the resigned defeat palpable from Iowa and Michigan State (for widely-varying self-inflicted reasons), the palpable frustration emanating from the Illinois and Indiana public schools...hell, even today's Stock Market Report was bleak:

All that said: a month into the B1G season, how are YOU?

Leave us your Big Ten-, football-, or life-related questions in the comments. We'll pick them by Tuesday night and get you some answers on Thursday.