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B1G Volleyball: Conference season is off and running

UW hasn’t had any B1G players of the week, yet, but Devyn Robinson will be heard from this year.


No surprises. Wisconsin, Nebraska, Penn State, and Purdue all went 2-0, with the set Purdue dropped to Maryland being the only thing preventing eight sweeps. Penn State is on an 8-1 run overall, and Purdue has won seven of their last eight. Minnesota will probably still be heard from, but these two teams are showing more consistency (albeit against weaker competition) right now.

Minnesota was swept by Nebraska, but needing five sets to get by Iowa is probably the bigger sign that the Gophers are still a work in progress. Ohio State was swept by Nebraska, then swept Iowa to break a seven match skid. At 4-7, the Buckeyes are ranked, and every loss is to a ranked team. Still, losses pile up, and OSU really needs to beat Maryland Sunday (obviously beating Wisconsin would be even better...)

Below the top six, nobody really staked a claim yet. Indiana beat Illinois in four, but weren’t competitive vs. Wisconsin. Illinois need five to get past Michigan State. And Maryland lost to Purdue in four, including 25-11 in the fourth.

PSU’s Jess Mruzik was named offensively player of the week for the second time this season. Last year she played for Michigan. The rich get richer.

Nebraska’s Bergen Reilly was named setter and freshman of the week last week. She joined teammate Harper Murray as a frosh of week honoree. The rich get richer.


Wed., Maryland @ Rutgers, 5:00 CDT, BTN (Maryland absolutely can’t afford a loss here)

Wed., #1 Wisconsin @ #22 Ohio State, 7:00, BTN (Would be a major statement for OSU)

Fri., #2 Nebraska @ #17 Purdue, 6:00, BTN (Boiler win wouldn’t be too stunning, but Nebraska is probably just too good.)

Fri., #15 Penn State @ Illinois, 8:00, BTN (Intriguing opportunity for Illini to get season back on track.

Sat., #2 Nebraska @ Indiana, 6:00, BTN (Stranger things have happened...I guess?)

Sat., #15 Penn State @ #13 Minnesota, 8:00, BTN (Could be a battle for third place, or, you know...have fun with MSU vs. Iowa Hawkeyes in football on Peacock...)