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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 5

Who wants to go to the zoo?

Good morning. The Creighton household has been struck by fever ‘n’ ague. Probably eating watermelons from down in the riverbed again, unless you believe Pa and it’s from breathin’ all the night air.

So you get me.

LincolnParkWildcat: I’ll be in Evanston, enjoying drinking locally brewed pumpkin beer with my wife and dad before we lose to Penn State.

misdreavus79: I’ve been roped into the “fall activities” cycle, so I’ll be attending a wedding in Rhode Island during the game. Luckily enough, unless Northwestern has a bigger comeback in the cards still, I should not be missing too much.

BuffKomodo: I’ll be in Cincinnati attempting to watch the game while my wife tries to get me to go to Kings Island. I’ll be drinking lite beer because my stomach is wildly older than the rest of my body is.

He was a high school quarterback: I’ll be somewhere in southern Minisoda, working and watching games on my phone drinking shitty coffee or water.

Brian Gillis: Los Angeles. After sitting through a nearly four hour affair in the desert, in which Arizona State gave future Big Tenner USC much more of a game than anyone expected, I’m happy to be taking in this weekend’s action from home - and to be back in the cooler climes of Southern California.

BigRedTwice: I’m supervising a homecoming float in the morning (should be great, with 30-mph winds), but unfortunately, Nebraska’s game is in the afternoon. This feels like one I can keep half an eye on while getting some other life maintenance stuff done. I’d be tempted to watch Illinois-Purdue instead, as that seems mildly intriguing, but I see it’s on Peacock, so so much for that. It’s supposed to be hot again, so a caramel apple cider from Glacial Till will be a delicious choice that feels more fall than the weather.

Dead Read: Beautiful downtown Lincoln. Yada yada yada.

Alma Otter: Myself and Ms. OhioOtter (sure, let’s go with that) are celebrating our one-year anniversary and finally hosting our wedding reception! I might catch part of the Illinois-Purdue game with my buddies before the event, but otherwise, I will be eating and drinking far too much at a northern Virginia winery.

RUReady4Brazil: I will be somewhere in the Charlotte area that involves kid activities at my wife’s choosing since I marked this weekend as an NFL weekend. Seemed logical preseason with Rutgers facing Wagner while the Jets and Chiefs should have been a decent viewing experience until the most Jets thing ever happened. So I’ll probably be drinking water unless wherever it is has beer, and then I am at their mercy.

RU in VA: Perfect slate of 6 kids soccer games over the weekend. I have no intention of watching a Wagner. But this is a pretty intense slate of B1G games, and as a huge fan and a writer here, I’ll probably have to watch none of them.

MNWildcat: The Minnesota Zoo! Why? Because we had a free weekend for the first time in weeks, and so the obviously solution was to fill it up with activities in the name of “relaxing”!

We should actually get home around 11:15 to put the kid down for her nap, so I’ll seethe my way through half of Penn State-Northwestern before giving up and turning something else on. I have a nice crowler of O’So Lupulin Maximus IIPA that I’ll get around to later that night.

The wife’s probably going to the Minnesota United game, so once the kid’s in bed the house and the remote will be alllllll mine.

larry31: I’ll be in College Park to see Maryland take on the mighty Hoosiers. It’s still September [and MD is playing IU], so I feel good about a W.

WhiteSpeedReceiver: I’ll be attending the game at Historic Gopher Football Stadium, hopefully trying out the new Duck Duck Beer.

BoilerUp89: October is approaching so it’s time for me to get to my annual games for my nephews fall sports before their seasons end. Afterwards maybe I’ll find out how Peacock works for the world’s greatest rival trophy and maybe I wont.

Thumpasaurus: So as you may be aware, I have been on an all-purpose losing streak dating back to last November that has escalated considerably into what’s probably my lowest point.

It started innocuously enough, with a baffling illini loss to Michigan state just putting me in a foul mood. That can in hindsight be chalked up to the last of Mel Tugger’s weird sex pest power-up (it always seems to make you more powerful to do these things).

Well, the next thing that happened was the Purdue game. After that, my car’s transmission blew up, and then things continued to get worse and worse and here I am now just going through the motions trying to keep myself busy enough to not feel anything.

Anyway, that’s why I will be in West Lafayette, IN at Ross-Ade Stadium, pregaming with among other things a bottle of Viking Blod mead that was meant for a happier time. I’ve traced it back. Purdue football, the specific officiating crew we got and Ryan Walters’ lack of adjustments are where my problems all started, and now my problems will become their problems, as well as those of everyone around me, for 4 hours or however long it takes for us to win back that fucking cannon.

If we lose, I hope I never make it back.

Uh...have fun and be safe please, everyone. Get better soon, Creighton family.