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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 2

The weekly segment where we discuss which book BigRedTwice is reading

Happy Friday! If you’re reading this I assume you’re taking your morning constitutional at the office, so time for a little pep talk.

You can do it! Just 7.5 more hours (2 of it doing actual work) and you’re home free! You’ve got a weekend full of beer and football to look forward to! Speaking of, let’s see what the “writers” are up to tomorrow:


Back in London, for what it is expected to be the hottest day of the year at 32º C (that’s 90º for those you in countries that have been to the moon). As there’s no air conditioning anywhere in the UK, the average Brit will be sweating like a ham left in the sun. For the first time, I may actually seek out the Ohio State bar to watch the game.


I’ll be on my couch in Iowa City, sipping Schlitz and some Cookie Butter beer I found at Trader Joe’s. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to stomach ¡El Assico! and the various high profile criminals attending the game this year, so I may switch to some Icelandic whiskey I picked up over the summer.

I’m going to a bbq on Sunday, so tomorrow I’m probably going to keep it light and make a vegetarian curry (after my La Reyna breakfast burrito, of course)


On Saturday, I’ll be in Evanston for the first game of the year. I’ll be drinking some locally brewed beer.

He Was A HS QB

Friday night, I’ll be in central Illinois watching the game with my Dad and probably drinking a couple Blue Moons. Saturday, I’ll be in St. Louis at a Guns-N-Roses concert pounding some Anheuser Busch product since the concert is in Busch Stadium.

Dead Read

I will be in beautiful downtown Lincoln, enjoying coffee during Nebraska’s next performance art installation from afar.


I’ll be in Champaign, IL for a friend’s wedding on Saturday. Fortunately, the game is on Friday! Not certain where the watch destination is, but let’s say I’ll be downing Hamm’s at the Tumble Inn.

Buff Komodo

I will be watching from home in Cincinnati. Perhaps I’ll drink something other than Ultra while dodging father duties Friday night, but it’s not likely.


Per usual I’ll be sipping on a refreshing iced tea, watching in my basement in metro Denver. This is, of course, assuming your trash-ass teams don’t bore me and I go play Starfield instead.

Brian Gillis

I’ll be staying put in Los Angeles this weekend. Saturday afternoon I’ll be watching the Michigan game from the couch - thankfully, not on Peacock. Saturday night, I’ll be at the Los Angeles Coliseum watching reigning Heisman Trophy winner Caleb Williams and the USC Trojans up close and personal.

Kind Of...

What beverage goes best with abject terror? Once I figure that out, I’ll be drinking that as UW tries to win a road game vs. a team that beat them last year, and that is all sorts of pissed at the B1G for ruining their conference. Plus Wazzu has all the roster continuity that the Badgers don’t.

Oh, and also, I’ll be periodically checking in on the status of the escaped killer who’s been spotted out in the rough vicinity and who has eluded capture for almost a week now.

RU in VA

I don’t know about the rest of the country, but Solace Brewing (Sterling, VA!)’s Partly Cloudy IPA just has a hold on Northern Virginia. It’s very hazy-y, very IPA-ey, and very high ABV-ey (7.5%) - it’s what I think of when I think of a Hazy-almost-orange-juice-IPA. Much like how Bell’s Two Hearted is the nation’s standard for a regular IPA. All others are branches off that tree.

I will not be watching Rutgers play Temple Saturday night (fun fact - Kurt Warner’s son is slinging it for the Owls). I will be at the local NPSL field watching a US Open Cup game (Revolution v. Aegean) and my oldest play an EDP league game a field over. DOLLAR BEERS AND DOLLAR HOT DOGS.


Wait, UTEP-Northwestern is a 2:30 game?! Who in their right mind decided that was a good idea?

I will have been on kid duty in the morning while the wife does a mini bachelorette for a friend’s second wedding, so I think I will have earned a little basement time to seethe.

Of course, because the season is going to be my living hell, I get to leave the game at about 5:00 to go to a family photo session. The kicker? This is our second family photo session, because my wife was not brave enough to say no to either of her two friends who have a photography business. Oh, and on top of that, this one we’re going to do with my in-laws!

Maybe an O’So double IPA I’ve acquired for the first half, but a whole lot of bleach when I get home.


I will be at the Historic Gopher Football Stadium for yet another showdown with a “football” team. As this is possibly the only game I get to go to this fall without children or other family members, I plan on being responsible and taking an Uber before being less responsible and sampling a bit of Grain Belt. Of course, it will be measured because I’ll be getting up Saturday morning to leave the cabin and go to the game after a brisk bit of kayaking, and probably headed back afterwards.


I have book club on Saturday morning at 9:30, so will be drinking coffee, eating oatmeal, and discussing J. Ryan Stradel’s “Saturday Night at the Lakeside Supper Club.” (Stradel writes the upper midwest better than anyone I’ve encountered, by the way, with complex family dramas centered around regional cuisine. Check him out!) This will prevent me from seeing at least the beginning of the game, which honestly is probably not the worst thing that can happen. I’ll check the score after book club and decide if I want to go somewhere and watch the rest, or go to Target. Smart money is on Target.

We are definitely the only sports site where there’s a book rec on our weekly drinking feature.

Alma Otter

On Friday night, I will be in northern Virginia watching the Illinois game, likely with a Great Lakes Nosferatu (and a whiskey to be named later if Illinois loses). And on Saturday, with any luck, I will not be hungover while watching Ohio State inevitably demolish the Youngstown State Penguins with my Buckeyes-obsessed wife and father-in-law.


I’ll be at home in Cincinnati drinking some Jim Beam and yelling at the TV during the Purdue game. I’ll spend the rest of the day dodging responsibility and watching whichever B1G team is closest to losing. Sunday is the start of the NFL and since I don’t care about that I may take the niece to the zoo so she can show me all the animals.


There’s a gaggle of children in my house this weekend, so there are trampoline parks and regular parks aplenty in between games.


I will be in College Park at the Charlotte-Maryland game. However, no tailgating this time. Pre-game activities involve visiting my daughter who attends Maryland and going to dinner at Tara Thai, Hanami, or Mama Lucia’s. Any of these choices are fine by me. Just not sure what the beer selection will be.


Home in beautiful Austin, likely melting, and hoping that the grid doesn’t go down. Will be drinking water most likely.

Alright, now head down to the comments and let us know how you’re spending your weekend.