The Ferentz Line Report (Bowl Final)

Well, we had a bowl season, so if I’m gonna drag this horse out for one last beating, why not start with the new part?

The Ferentz Bowl Challenge:

The challenge? Win your bowl game while remaining under the Ferentz Line. Turns out 8 teams were up for the challenge. While all 8 winners below crossed the Ferentz Line, special notice goes out to the three teams who won bowl games with a total score below the line: Northwestern, Missouri, and Appalachian State. And LOL to the B1G team on the losing side of a Ferentz Bowl.

Coastal Carolina (24-14 over San Jose State)
Boston College (23-14 over SMU)
Northern Illinois (21-19 over Arkansas State)
Duke (17-10 over Troy)
Wyoming (16-15 over Toledo)
Northwestern (14-7 over Utah)
Missouri (14-3 over Ohio State)
Appalachian State (13-9 over Miami OH)

Bowl Games:

The B1G went 7-3 against the Ferentz Line in bowl games (Michigan cheated again by playing in two bowls, crossing the line twice and winning both games). The three teams who didn’t make it? Northwestern (who won their Ferentz Bowl), Ohio State (lol), and, of course, Iowa.

34 Michigan (final)
31 Maryland
31 Rutgers
31 Wisconsin
30 Minnesota
27 Michigan (semifinal)
25 Penn State
14 Northwestern
3 Ohio State
0 Iowa


4-10 against the line for the season, which has been locked in for a while.

36.2 (471/13) Penn State
35.9 (538/15) Michigan
30.5 (397/13) Ohio State
29.7 (386/13) Maryland
24.5 (294/12) Illinois
23.9 (287/12) Purdue
23.5 (305/13) Wisconsin
23.2 (302/13) Rutgers
22.2 (266/12) Indiana
22.1 (287/13) Northwestern
20.9 (272/13) Minnesota
18.0 (216/12) Nebraska
15.9 (191/12) Michigan State
15.4 (216/14) Iowa

Record Against the Line:

14-1 Michigan
11-2 Penn State
8-5 Maryland
7-6 Minnesota
7-6 Ohio State
6-7 Rutgers
6-7 Wisconsin
5-7 Illinois
4-8 Indiana
4-9 Northwestern
4-8 Purdue
3-9 Nebraska
2-10 Michigan State
2-12 Iowa

Previous B1G West Winners

Iowa’s goal was always to win the final round of B1G West football with a lower PPG total than any other team. That goal achieved, they declined to score even a single additional point in two postseason games.

2014 Wisconsin (450/12; 37.5 PPG)
2019 Wisconsin (429/12; 35.8 PPG)
2017 Wisconsin (418/12; 34.8 PPG)
2015 Iowa (404/12; 33.7 PPG)
2016 Wisconsin (342/12; 28.5 PPG)
2022 Purdue (341/12; 28.4 PPG)
2021 Iowa (308/12; 25.7 PPG)
2020 Northwestern (177/7; 25.3 PPG)
2018 Northwestern (284/12; 23.7 PPG)
2023 Iowa (216/12; 18.0 PPG)


MNW here. Thanks to vaudvillain for doing this all season long! Stay tuned for next year, when he's promised me he's bringing back the Lester Line. I have a feeling we might need it again...

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