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Who should be the next Michigan football head coach?

We pull out the globe and speculate wildly.

Michigan National Championship Celebration Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images

Au revoir, Jim-Jam. You stayed and were champion, we guess. We look forward to the show cause penalty.


Brian Gillis: Sad.

LincolnParkWildcat: What a character.

AlmaOtter: I will miss his bizarre quotes, his strange behavior, and his stupid khakis. The B1G is not as odd without him, and that is a sad thing. Credit where due, the dude doesn’t take jobs that he doesn’t have a deep connection to and the Chargers could be incredibly competitive next year.

But also, fuck you Jim.

Kind of...: When your agent goes to your current employer with a “I need a contract like Bill Self has so you can’t fire me so easily” demand it’s probably a sign to move on.

WhiteSpeedReceiver: There goes another Michigan coach who spouts Michigan Man bullshit but doesn’t live up to anything close to the standards.

BigRedTwice: Jim Harbaugh has given me so much material for Power Polls over the years, and I’m genuinely sad I won’t have the perpetual low-hanging fruit he has always brought.

I also can’t totally blame him for leaving while he’s on top. Know when to walk away, know when to run and all of that.Personally, he seems like kind of a creep, so I guess I hope he fails miserably. So far, he seems to have escaped any kind of karmic reckoning however, so perhaps we should pencil the Chargers in for a Super Bowl in the near future.

In the words of singer Self Esteem: It was almost fun while it lasted... I say almost, I mean it.

Creighton: This is a terrible day for Bo Schembechler defenders everywhere.

misdreavus79: Man, LaVar Arrington was so right. Why, as a Penn State fan, should I be concerned over what Michigan and Ohio State do instead of embracing #Unrivaled? You know how hilarious the next couple of months/years are going to be, as Michigan and Ohio State fans fling “BoRn On ThIrD bAsE!111!!!1!1!oneleven” chants at each other? I can’t wait!

Other than that, we knew Harbah had one foot out the door, and luckily, he went out on top. Michigan fans can at least enjoy the title he gave them before he left.

Larry31: Oh, Coach Khaki. You are truly an entertaining odd ball. You will be missed, if not for just the wonderfully comical memes:

Remember 2015 against Sparty? 4th and 2 on Sparty’s 47-yard line. And your punter fumbled the punt and Sparty returns this fumbled put for a TD as time ran out? Good times.

The best part? Fired and humiliated Brady Hoke comes out the next day and says he never would have punted in that situation!!! LOL.

Personally, I abhore groupthink. Mob mentalities are dangerous. Jim Harbaugh is a total weirdo. But he is unique and independent. He definitely made the Big Ten more entertaining. Here is wonderful overview of his view on eclectic political and social issues.

More excitingly, writers, WHO SHOULD BE NEXT?

BoilerUp89: Sherrone Moore gonna be the replacement? He’s got a better record against OSU anyway.

Creighton: I propose a new nickname for (soon to be head) Coach Moore:

LPW: It’ll probably be Sherron Moore. However, I think there’s only 1 man who really should have this job: Ron Prince!

I used to read old SBN blog Every Day Should Be Saturday, and they loved talking this guy up for any coaching job that was out there. Plus, this was a good opportunity for me to fire up my photo editor (Pixelmator Pro), take an old photo of Ron Prince, and slap a Michigan logo on it.

Ron Prince 4 Michigan!
Getty Images with LPW Photoshopping

Creighton: We all know it’s going to be Sherrone, but I’d like to rank some other possible candidates by how funny they would be to me, personally:

  1. Urban Meyer
  2. Brian Kelly
  3. PJ Fleck
  4. Matt Campbell
  5. Jedd Fisch

Kind of...: Urbz is the obvious #1 for humor purposes. But it works on so many levels. He would be the Rick Pitino of CFB. Which he already is.

misdreavus79: I mean there’s no “should” here. Moore is going to get the job.

WSR: I’m sure Michigan is going to hire another “kooky” asshole with barely-hidden horrible political views to replace the “kooky” asshole with barely-hidden horrible political views.

Larry31: My top 3, in no particular order would be Conor Stalions, Juwan Howard, and Urban Meyer. Just for my own selfish entertainment.

AlmaOtter: Let’s get an actual Michigan Man involved here. What about an anthropomorphic talking wolverine named Yost?

It’ll probably (and deservingly) be Sherrone though.


How are you feeling about Jimmy’s departure? What will you miss? What won’t you miss? And who do you wish you could see roaming the sidelines for the Wolverines next season? Jump down to the comments and let us know!