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Off Tackle Open Threads: February 2nd Basketball

Here’s a game to bury on Friday

NCAA Basketball: Maryland at Iowa
Seated basketball is a thing now
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Wisconsin Badgers 80, Nebraska Cornhuskers 72 (OT)

MaximumSam: How ‘bout them Huskers! The Badgers jumped all over Nebraska early, and led by 18 early in the second half. Then, behind some hot shooting from C.J. Wilcher and a bunch of Badger turnovers, Nebraska forced overtime and got the win. Wisconsin now falls to second in the B1G, though they can get right back to first as they play Purdue on Sunday.

BigRedTwice: Look, did I give up on this game very early on? Yes. I’m cramming some Gilmore Girls for a trivia tournament on Sunday, and when I checked the score, the Huskers were down a million partway through the first half, so I decided to stay in Stars Hollow. When Nebraska started closing the gap in the second half, treasured colleague AlmaOtter alerted me, and I started to watch the score, but not the game — after all, what if me not watching was the secret sauce? Also, super stressful, these sportsball games.

Anyway, the Huskers had far more faith in themselves than I did, and the apparently powerful boost of a halftime ass-chewing from Freddie H. What I admire about this team, aside from their fighting spirit, is that the really do play as a team. Keisei Tominaga had a poor night and ended up not playing a ton—and finished with only two points. That the Huskers were still able to find other sources of scoring—hello CJ Wilcher, and a couple of clutch threes from Reink Mast—and pull together to get this W is what makes them such a fun group to watch.

The stats on this one are all sorts of fun: Huskers outscoring Wisconsin 53-29 in the second half, and the bench outscoring 25-0 (ouchie). They came up big from the line, going 15/18 in the second half, while barely fouling and keeping Wisconsin to a measly 2/5 FTs. It’s the first time the Huskers have come back from 19 down since 2013 (against Iowa). Wisconsin was 120-0 when leading by 15 at the half, dating back to 2000 (before any of these players were alive, if you’d like to feel old about it.) And, it’s the first season Nebraska has had multiple wins against Top 6 opponents since.........

..... 1957-58. How ‘bout them Huskers indeed.

Also, welcome back Juwan Gary, yay!


#49 Ohio State Buckeyes (13-8, 3-7) at #59 Iowa Hawkeyes (12-9, 4-6) (-5.5), 6 pm, FS1

MaximumSam: On the other side of the conference, Buckeye thoughts are wondering who the next coach will be. Iowa fans are wondering...what do Iowa fans wonder about? The Frantrum meter? This game might be better in Columbus, as Ohio State as been allergic to scoring on the road. Torvik goes Hawkeyes, 81-77.

BoilerUp89: Neither team is really eliminated from an at large bid even if the odds are extremely poor. Both teams are running out of time to go on a winning streak though. Desperate times call fordesperate measures. No, Fran! Put the referee down!

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