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A Scott Frost Nebraska Post-Morten Discussion and Big Ten Week 2 Recap

Not an easy guy to feel sorry for, tbqh

Georgia Southern v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

The Off Talkle Empire squad, featuring the husky and Lab mix correspondents fully enthused to see Thumpasaurus in person again, lingers on their thoughts surrounding the end of the Scott Frost regime in Lincoln. All good things, we assure you.

There weren’t a lot of other high-profile matchups in the league to provide Nebraska cover, either, as most league powers were tuning up against overmatched opponents.

HOWEVAH, Nebraska’s tenure-ending loss to Georgia Southern did not fully mask the stank coming off of two other points of the Quadrangle, as Wisconsin and Iowa dropped games as well, and we once again are forced to stare at the solar eclipse of the Iowa offense.