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Indiana in the Buff with Mr. Komodo: Ohio State Outlasts the Hoosiers

Really, it wasn’t as bad as we thought it could be.

Big Ten Football Future Non-Conference Schedules

All Big Ten teams’ non-conference matchups from here to, well, 2031, in handy-dandy grid format.

Beyond the Empire: A Pac-12 Preview with Pacific Takes

B1G Bowls Power Ranking: Weezer Blue Album Edition

For reasons unknown, we're comparing the Big Ten Bowl slate to Weezer's Blue album, and power ranking each of them.

The Preseason B1G Power Poll: Jock Jams Edition

It's been a while since we've been here, but the B1G Power Poll is back! This week, we're bringing you the soundtrack to your childhood sports highlights. Yes, it's the Jock Jams edition.

B1G 2015: It's Finally Here!

Featured Fanshot

Lou Holtz, Leaving ESPN

Your thoughts? It seemed Lou embodied some of the worst (and best) things about ESPN.

Spring Fling 2015: The Big Ten's Best LB's

The Big Ten's Best Linebackers, 2015

Three #B1G Basketball Storylines So Far

How many B1G teams will make the '15 NCAA Tourney?

The 2014 Holiday letter from OTE and the B1G Fam.

A holiday letter from the B1G family.

The Off Tackle Empire Bowlapalooza 2014

It's time to kick off the OTE Bowl coverage. How about a little game of Word Association?

Communities and football and where it all begins

Beginnings of Fandom

Review: Dave Revsines New Book, Where Kickers Rule


Big Ten Network Announces Primetime Games

Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Purdue and Wisconsin have zero (0) primetime guys while Rutgers has...two?!

The B1G Changes in 2014

Summarizing (mostly) everything new about the Big Ten because you already know who James Franklin is.

ESPN & ABC Announce Primetime B1G Schedule

The World Wide Leader in Sports has announced the first primetime schedule for the Big Ten.

Spring Fling: Five Position Battles

OTE writers were asked about some position battles they found interesting. Here's what they came up with.

Spring Fling: Linebackers

We are talking the best LBs in the B1G going into 2014. This is a much more difficult position to figure out than it was a year ago.

B1G Basketball Recap: 2/17/14

Recapping all the weekends Big Ten basketball action which was basically: WOO NEBRASKA, WOO WISCONSIN, WOO IOWA.

B1G Basketball Recap: 2/3/14

Recapping all the weekend Big Ten basketball action.

B1G Basketball Weekend: 1/24/14

Previewing the upcoming weekend of Big Ten basketball.

The 2013 All Empire Team

We couldn't let awards season go much further without recognizing the best of the best. Well, at least we couldn't let things go on without breaking out the All Empire Team. Better than All-Galaxy every time.

Bowlapalooza 2013: Word Association

Where our staff makes quick assessments of each matchup.

Big 2013 // Top 10 Non-Con Games Part I

The OTE crew votes on what they think are going to be the best non-conference games in 2013.

B1G 2013 // Expansion, B1G Style: Frank The Tank

B1G 2013 // Expansion, B1G Style: Frank The Tank Takes Your Questions

Featured Fanshot

You've Got B1G Expansion Questions? Frank The Tank Has Answers

Frank is the king of expansion discussion and his excellent blog is a must read with some of the most detailed info you'll find. So get on Twitter and tweet your thoughts/ideas/questions...Or post below.

B1G 2013: A History Of Hate And Rivalries

We end each Cocktail Party Preview week with some good, old fashioned hate. Let's take a look back at some of our more memorable pieces.

2013 NCAA Tournament: Big Ten Thoughts

Trends, Matchups, Predictions

Searching for a Superstar

Is there a true superstar in NCAA Basketball?

The OTE Interview: BTN's Gerry DiNardo, Part 2

Gerry DiNardo on why the Rose Bowl doesn't matter if it's not the national championship and how to get back to being the best football conference in America, conference realignment, and why oversigning is a good thing.

National Signing Day Open Thread

17 and 18 year old kids will cause much rejoicing or much wailing and gnashing of teeth to literally millions of people today. If it wasn't college football, it would be sick and disturbing. But it IS college football, so it's cool.

Is Virginia The Next Big Ten Member?

Rumors abound on the Internet regarding the Big Ten, expansion, and the impending death of the ACC. If said rumors are to be believed.


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