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B1G 2014

Closing Arguments: Minnesota

Is the the year Jerry and the boys break through?

Closing Arguments: Indiana Hoosiers

In which a passionate fan argues against a history of football futility

Time for the Main Course: Northwestern Potluck Pt2

Well, unsurprisingly, Rutgers is passed out in the billiard room. Someone put the pool cover over them, and we'll get on with our dinner.

B1G 2014 // Northwestern Potluck, Pt. 1

Step in for a fine feast, courtesy of your friends at Northwestern! Try not to bother the DePaul grads while they work, OK? These catering companies aren't cheap.

B1G 2014 // Indiana Football is Better than Arson

There's no better way to kick off a three day weekend than reading an article about Hoosier hate. Find out why you should hate Indiana, using science and numbers!

B1G 2014 // Indiana Potluck Part 2

The party don't stop in B-Town.

B1G 2014 // Indiana Potluck Part One

Hungry in Bloomington? Hit up the tailgate, or hit up these Indiana favorites.

B1G 2014 // Smartest Guy in the Room: Win Today

Or, How Kevin Wilson is getting Indiana's Groove Back

B1G 2014 // Indiana Cocktail Party Preview

All of this information about Indiana football is need to know, and you need to know.

B1G 2014: How To Hate Something That Doesn't Exist

[REDACTED] Hate? It's more real than you think.

B1G 2014 // Purdue Potluck Part 2

The exciting conclusion to everyone's favorite food-themed Q and A about Purdue football.

B1G 2014 // Purdue Potluck Part 1

It's the return of the potluck! OTE writers get together to answer a couple of questions about expectations for Purdue football and some of their worst sports memories. Join the fun!

B1G 2014 // Purdue's Smartest Guy in the Room

Is Darrell Hazell doomed by his 1-11 first season? Let's compare him to other coaches in similar situations and see if we can make an educated guess.

B1G 2014 // Purdue Cocktail Party Preview

OTE's annual off-season extravaganza, B1G 2014, launches this week with Purdue! Let's kick it off with the Cocktail Party Preview.