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B1G 2015

Do Michigan and Penn State Still Deserve to be Called “Powerhouses”?

The Myth of “Unbalanced” Divisions in the Big Ten

B1G CCG Roundtable: The Second

What do we think Iowa will run on offense? How does Michigan State put together a win? Who wins the game? We answer these questions and more in the second half of the OTE B1G CCG Roundtable.

Closing Arguments: Nebraska Cornhuskers

There is a new coach in town with a new, positive attitude. Can Mike Riley take this Nebraska team further than it has been the past seven years? We assess the case.

Closing Arguments 2015: Maryland Terrapins

How do you feel about the Maryland Terrapins going into 2015?

2015 Closing Arguments: Rutgers

It's been a great year for the Knights. 8 wins, exceeding expectations and no scanda-- wait a sec...

2015 Closing Arguments: Penn State

Why the Lions will win more than two Big Ten games this year.

Closing Arguments: Michigan

A new era begins (again) in Ann Arbor.

B1G 2015 Closing Arguments: Northwestern

5-7 no more? 2015 is a critical year for the Wildcats. Will they deliver?

2015 Closing Arguments: Indiana Hoosiers

Insanity - Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. See also: Indiana Football

Ted Glover Sucks Too

You may be natty champs, but I reserve all rights to hate you, all year.

B1G 2015 // The Ohio State Potluck

In our last potluck of the summer, we talk all about the Ohio State Buckeyes. From meeting expectations to dealing with the 'problem' of so much talent, we cover everything Ohio State faces as the favorites going into 2015.

MSU fans in Lincoln Park are the worst

MSU fans are taking over Lincoln Park and all the bars. I HATE IT!

B1G 2015 // The Michigan State Spartans Potluck

The Michigan State potluck is serving green and white and looking at the Spartans' CFP resume, their strengths on offense and potential weaknesses on defense - and the weirdness of that, the chances of beating OSU, and a healthy dose of apple talk.

B1G 2015 // Michigan State Personnel Files

Good night, sweet Narddawg

B1G 2015 // Michigan State Cocktail Party

Flush with senior talent and a playoff-worthy schedule, MSU takes another crack at the big prize

B1G 2015 // Keeping The Enemy Close: Mike & Barry

And now for something completely different

B1G 2015 // The Wisconsin Badgers Potluck

The Wisconsin Badgers have a new coach, but look to keep up their fairly consistent run of success. The team looks at everything from offense to defense to coaching to schedules. A solid potluck finished off with beer and cheese, because Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Cocktail Party Preview

Brandy Old Fashioneds for everyone!

Nebraska goes in for a performance review

Sean Eichorst goes into Delany's office for a performance review. It's not good....

Reviewing Nebraska's Alternate Uniform

It's that time of year again, alternate uniform release day for Nebraska. Usually I wouldn't go through all the effort to talk through each piece, but it's Nebraska week. Let's talk about the mess that was released and get your input.

Pelini, Riley, and the decision to make a change

From an outside perspective, firing a nine-win coach in Pelini and hiring a close to .500 coach was a bad decision, but sometimes there's more context. Brian Towle of Corn Nation stops by to discuss Pelini, Riley, and the decisions to make a change.

B1G 2015 // The Nebraska Potluck gets corny

This week's potluck has some special guests from the team at Corn Nation over for a corn-themed meal that covers everything from Bo Pelini to Mike Riley, offense to defense, and Nebraska's inability to get a great trophy made.

B1G 2015 // Mike Riley and the New Nebraska Staff

It doesn't necessarily make sense why the change was made, but these guys seem up to the task. A short profile of Mike Riley and his trio of coordinators who will take on the challenge of leading Nebraska football in 2015.

B1G 2015 // The Nebraska Cocktail Party Preview

Since Nebraska has been in the B1G these previews were pretty straight forward. Nine wins, four losses, second or so in the division, and okay on offense and defense. Not this year. Let's take a look at the good, bad, and otherwise going into 2015.

B1G 2015 // Gopher Hockey's Transition to the B1G

It wouldn't be Minnesota week without 1800 words and 10 tables dedicated to Hockey!

The Minnesota Potluck is learning to say casserole

A year later and we're still teaching Minnesota how to say casserole. Today's potluck is a heaping spoonful of tater tots and Jerry Kill. We breeze through questions on the Gophers in 2015, new offensive threats, defensive strength, and Jerry Kill.

B1G 2015 // Minnesota Personnel Files

Let's take a look at the people who will be most responsible for Minnesota's impending success in 2015. It could be the smartest guy in the room, the player who needs to make a step forward, or the most magnificent mascot in all the land, or it could even be YOU!

B1G 2015: Minnesota Cocktail Party

Sit back and enjoy this concoction of vodka, peach schnapps, lemonade, and exceeded expectations.

B1G 2015 // Crabcakes and Riots: A Maryland Guide

A Virginia fan's guide to the Terps.

B1G 2015 // Looking at Edsall's extension to 2019

We take a look at Maryland Terrapins head coach Randy Edsall's extension through 2019 and what it really means for him and for the football program.

B1G 2015 // The Maryland Potluck

The Maryland contingent is bringing the Old Bay to today's potluck where we dash a bit everywhere. Discussions abound on Randy Edsall, the Terrapin's expectations, offensive and defensive solutions, and we finish talking about the Crab Pretzel.


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