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B1G 2015

B1G 2015 // Maryland Cocktail Party

We resume the B1G 2015 series with the Maryland Terrapins who are coming fresh off their first full season in the Big Ten


A sports fan's mancave is the place to be.

The OTE Potluck is celebrating summer

Sure, we took a break off to talk all about Freedom and what not, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't have a potluck. We turned the nostalgia up to 11 and talking all about our favorite summer memories.

B1G 2015 // We're Halfway There

The Next College Football Dynasty

B1G 2015: The Rutgers Potluck

Our continuing coverage of Rutgers sits down to a meal of the famous Fat Sandwiches. As we clog our arteries, the team discusses reasonable expectations for Rutgers in 2015, the ups and downs of offense and defense, Kyle Flood, and claiming trophies.

B1G 2015 // Rutgers Personnel Files

The Arm, the Brain, and the Body. Three individuals who will shape the 2015 Rutgers Scarlet Knights

B1G 2015 // Rutgers Cocktail Party Preview

Let us reintroduce you to the Northeast's finest college football program.

B1G 2015 // Iowa Starters & Their Other Offers

Looking at the quality of a player based upon the stars awarded to them by recruiting services is boring. Let's do it by offers!

B1G 2015 // The Iowa Hawkeyes Potluck

Iowa might be fairly average, but we're bringing an above average potluck to the masses today. A bacon-filled table discusses Kirk Ferentz's staying power, Iowa's averageness, the Beathard decision, 10-2 possibilities, and give you some poetry.

B1G 2015 // On Iowa & the B1G's Season Tickets

A comprehensive look at Iowa's season tickets when compared to the remainder of the Big Ten.

B1G 2015 // Iowa Cocktail Party Preview

Iowa football 2015: This is a year.

If Illinois were good at football....

The Fighting Illini suck so horrendously at football that it's a cancer on the entire state of Illinois.

B1G 2015 // The Illinois Potluck

Today's lasagna-themed smorgasbord turns its attention to Illinois where we discuss the relative rating of Tim Beckman, the wonderfulness of Mikey Dudek, the awful that is the Illinois run defense, and expectations for 2015.

An Illinois perspective on Tim Beckman & coaches

I-L-L-matic and Ill in STL deliver an Illinois perspective for OTE with LPW finding out how good these guys are at Twitter.

B1G 2015: Illinois Cocktail Party

Don't worry if you catch the fever, we have antibiotics for that

Looking back at Penn State's 2005 season

The Lions came out of nowhere to earn a share of the Big Ten title.

B1G 2015 // The Penn State Potluck

The OTE team takes on the Nittany Lions is a spicy version of the potluck. We discuss James Franklin, expectations for Penn State in 2015, anemic offenses, stellar defenses, and engage in some excellent hockey rants. It's the Penn State potluck!

Franklin should get back to running the ball

A pass-heavy approach did not work out for the Lions in 2014.

2015 Penn State Cocktail Party Preview

B1G 2015 rolls on with a way-too-early visit to Happy Valley.

B1G 2015 // The Michigan Wolverines Potluck

In which the esteemed OTE writing staff discusses all things Michigan including their 2015 bowl outlook, the virtues of Jake Rudock, lots of Harbaugh, defense, and your version of the infamous Michigan Kraft Noodle.

The Harbaugh Comes To Michigan

Love him or hate him, that power O and Jimmy H are here in the B1G

No Fitzy, we will NOT "Embrace the Suck"

LPW rants about Pat Fitzgerald's joking embrace of mediocrity

Off-Season Trial: Is Northwestern trending down?

[Northwestern fans everywhere reach for the bottle just reading that question.]

B1G 2015 // The Northwestern Potluck

In this week's installment of the OTE Potluck, we've got a veritable buffet of purple foods. From caviar to plums, Justin Jackson to whoever it is will be handing the ball off to Justin Jackson, and some talk about insane finishes.

Photos of Northwestern - Notre Dame

I took some great pictures of that game. Enjoy!

Pat Fitzgerald: 2013 and Now

MNWildcat was so young, so full of optimism...

B1G 2015 // Northwestern Cocktail Party Preview

It's time to discuss everything about Northwestern football this year.

Better Know An OTE "Writer": LPW

LPW explains who he is and why he's here.

B1G 2015 // Indiana Football: An Oral History

A detailed account of the beginning of football at Indiana University. Contains the first chapter of the upcoming oral history of IU Football.

Better Know an OTE "Writer": C4B

I am the Batman in Candystripes. What more do you need to know?

B1G 2015 // The Indiana Potluck

In honor of the Hoosier's bowl history, the OTE team races through the potluck with an Indiana Bowl theme. From talk on the schedule to Coach Wilson, and a discussion on helmets, we look at the finer points of what to expect from Indiana in 2015

B1G 2015 // Hoosier Personnel Files

Indiana relies heavily on their offense, so let's meet the people most likely to light up the highlight reel.


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