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B1G 2016

B1G 2016, the preview series where each team gets a week.

Penn State Hate

What would be the end to one of these team weeks without some solid Friday hate?

The 2016 Music City Bowl Preview: Nebraska Cornhuskers take on the Tennessee Volunteers

Disappointing finishes, injuries, and flaws... These teams are made for each other.

NCAA College Football Rankings: Stew System - Week 2

It’s a B1G, B1G world.

A Rival for Penn State

The rivalry Penn State deserves. And apparently the one it needs right now.

27 Reasons Why Iowa Shouldn’t Waste Its Time with Iowa State

Could the Mountain West Steal Two from the B1G?

Beyond the Empire: Mountain West with MWC Connection

2016 Preseason All-Big 10 - The Defense


2016 Predictions and Preview: Michigan State

2016 B1G Preview and Predictions: Iowa Hawkeyes Football

2016 Predictions and Previews: Northwestern Wildcats Football

The Wildcats did well last year. Can they do the same this year?

On Rooting for Other B1G Teams: Weird or Not?

What’s the norm? Supporting the B1G or "Screw your team"?

Do Michigan and Penn State Still Deserve to be Called “Powerhouses”?

2016 Preview and Predictions: Indiana Hoosiers Football

2016 Closing Arguments: Illinois Fighting Illini

A Thumpasaurus Roundtable Discussion

2016 Preview and Predictions: Rutgers Football

How do the OTE writers think Rutgers will fare this season?

2016 Preview and Predictions: Maryland Terrapins Football

It’s getting better...promise

The Myth of “Unbalanced” Divisions in the Big Ten

2016 Preview and Predictions: Purdue Boilermakers Football

Here we go again

Michigan State Will Always be Second Fiddle

Get out your tinfoil hats, because everyone actually is out to get Michigan State this time

I’d Rather Be Talking About Harbaugh.

MSU Potluck: Bringing It Home With Bell’s and Founders

Raise a glass to the new season!

MSU Potluck: A Round of Predictions at Two James Distillery

Call your shots

Michigan State Mailbag

Sifting through the butthurt

Michigan State Potluck: Plenty of Options

Like hometown company Faygo, MSU’s defense should feature a deep, versatile lineup

Michigan State Potluck - Vernors Original Ginger Soda

The Spartan offense slipped out of a lot of 3rd-and-longs last year; ever made a similar escape?

Everything is Awful: But Not As Awful As Iowa

What is terrible, yet not as terrible as Iowa? Well, lots of things, it turns out.

B1G 2016: Who is the New Kirk Ferentz?

Iowa Week: Mailbag Solicitation

We want questions. We want questions. We want lots, and lots of questions. MAILBAG!

Everyone hates Ohio State

If you don’t hate Ohio State what the hell is wrong with you?

University of Michigan, National Champs?

Our writers say, probably 10-2.

The Rich Rodriguez Years at Michigan: Your Memories

Tough Times in AA

Would You Play For Jim Harbaugh?

Harbaugh Runs To The Tune Of His Own Beat


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