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Indiana Hoosiers Hate

Like kicking a mediocre baby when it's trying to get up

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

So I know what you're thinking... "Speth, you're the Wisconsin writer, you have no natural rivalry with Indiana, you've won 9 games in a row, and despite supposedly being bad at football before it actually existed in 1993, Wisconsin is 40-18 all-time against the Hoosiers. Not only that, but Bo Ryan absolutely owned Tom Crean. Why are you writing the hate piece?" Well the answer is simple, no one else wanted to the best kind of hate is self loathing, and what better way to remind In_iana fans why there's no D in Iniana than bring up a certain game that occurred on November 14, 2010.

Wisconsin 83 Iniana 20

I'll leave the recap here. For those that don't like clicking links, here are some of the more fun stats.

-Wisconsin had 598 total yards, averaging just shy of 8.8 yards a play

-Wisconsin threw 4 incompletions (17-21)

-Phillip Welch kicked 11 extra points

-4 Badgers caught touchdowns, while 3 others had rushing touchdowns.

-Wisconsin didn't punt once.

At one point, this was a 10-10 game before Wisconsin ripped off 42 unanswered points. No team has ever scored more points in a Big Ten game, although OSU scored 83 against Iowa (get fucked) in 1951. Wisconsin has only scored more points one time, which is ridiculous considering that Wisconsin has played Madison West High School 4 times in school history (against Marquette in 1915, speaking of Marquette, get fucked Tom Crean). So really I'm kind of surprised that Jim Delany didn't try to kick you out of the conference after putting up less of a fight than Austin Peay (they only gave up 70 that year), but then again the guy thought that adding Rutgers to sway the revenue numbers of a dying medium was a good idea, so maybe you should just be glad that Jim Delany is shortsighted, but not apparently shortsighted enough to kick you out after one of the worst performances ever seen in a conference game. I mean I could give you props for making a bowl game this year, but then I remember all the shit you gave Purdue fans this week and I kind of feel like "eh not so much, Purdue might blow right now, but at least they've been a legit team in my lifetime, so I feel no remorse tearing apart a program that should be so far beneath the team I root for seeing as I've witnessed 5 Rose Bowls I can remember my team playing in". Then again, with that number of recent Rose Bowl appearances every fan base in this conference besides OSU fans can get fucked.

But let's talk about something you actually care about for a minute. Yes, I'm referring to basketball. I mean I don't blame you for about caring about basketball because between caring about the worst major college football program in history and watching paint dry, I'd ask my neighbors if they were planning on painting their house anytime soon. Since I'm only 24 and couldn't care less about titles that were won when my parents were still in grade school we'll talk about recent history. Congrats on your conference title Wisconsin gift wrapped you (along with your softer than a PSU football non conference schedule of a conference slate). Congrats on your Sweet 16 appearance too, I mean Wisconsin did that in the rebuilding season to end all rebuilding seasons without a permanent coach and this is supposed to be your sport, but small victories right? Especially when you had to get your coach from the other major college program in Wisconsin. Then again when you get destroyed by sanctions I suppose "the guy who happened to recruit Dwayne Wade and has accomplished literally nothing else" is probably the best you're gonna get.

To be honest, I get it Iniana fans, your football team sucks. It always has and always will. You're not an engineer, so cheering for Purdue is out of the question. You don't like success and/or Catholics, so cheering for Notre Dame is also out. So cling to basketball and your history with your super successful chair and player abusing coach. That's cool, if it breaks up the painful reminder that 6 wins is probably the ceiling for your football team, who am I to judge?