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B1G 2016 // Minnesota Potluck Part 3: Hotdish Special

Gotta follow up those fancy burgers with something simple but effective. Something that won't offend but will leave everyone full. We're talkin' Hotdish!

Oli Scarff/Getty Images

Hotdish and Turnovers

WhiteSpeedReceiver: A good defense is bland and effective. The most common hotdish is made of ground beef, rice, celery, and cream of mushroom soup. Could you come up with a more bland, effective meal? Minnesota’s defense has been the key to turning the football team into one that can compete in most games, as opposed to what it was under Tim Brewster.  The MO appears to be willing to give up some yards, but forcing opponents to work down the field to get FGs and be in position to force turnovers.  What’s the best type and time to get a turnover?  Is there anything more frustrating than a pick-six right before the half, where you’ve got a lot of time to stew?

Townie: You just described the best Penn State defenses of the past three decades. I swear Vinnie Testaverde is still seeing our defense in his dreams. I’ll take a turnover to stop a critical drive any time, but right before the half is great. Also, if you can get the ball back in that first drive after the half…

They spent all halftime prepping for that drive. If you come out, punch them in the face and take the ball, it’s a strong body blow too.

C4B: The best turnover is almost always an interception, and the timing is mostly irrelevant as to when, but the ones that seal the game late in the 4th quarter are the greatest, particularly if they become pick-sixes.

Lemon pepper tilapia with mashed potatoes and fresh steamed asparagus, and a glass of tap water with one ice cube.

Al NamiasIV: What Jerry Kill did to turn Minnesota around was do what most other mid-tier B1G teams do. From an Iowa fan’s standpoint, he out-Ferentzed Ferentz (multiple times). Claeys, I assume, will continue with the same type of defense.

The pick six is the best type of turnover. The best time to get a turnover is when the opposing team is in the red zone. Turn the ball over there and it could be as much as a 14-point swing: 7 points the opponent isn’t going to get, and perhaps 7 points the team that got the turnover is going to get.

LPW: What Al said. I like Pick-Six turnovers. Bland meal: gruel.

WhiteSpeedReceiver: But is gruel effective? Does it put a stop you your hunger efficiently?

LPW: Eh, I’ll switch it up to plan ol’ oatmeal.

GF3: No, the best turnover is usually a fumble. It’s soul-crushing in its seeming randomness, and unlike an interception it usually happens near scrimmage and gives the recovering team the best field position. The best time is whenever you need it.

Stew: I think a fumble near the goalline on the kickoff after a score is the worst possible turnover.  Oh hey, team A just scored, but not to worry, team B, you are just going to answer right back.  Oh, what’s that?  Welp, about to give up another score almost immediately.  Also, since it’s a fumble, and somewhat random, it feels like the gods are against you like GF3 said.

4-3 COVER 2!!!

Oh, I'm pretty sure this is where I say frosted steaks.  It's not bland, but fuck you, it was good enough for Norm.

MNW: Gentlemen, it’s the blocked punt/FG. I know you might be saying "But you’re gonna get the ball anyways," but no. You’re wrong. Seeing an end come off the corner hot or beat the protect team and send the ball skittering the other way is delightful. Especially when it’s a FG, you’re looking at a potentially 10-point swing if your offense can march down the field and score. That’s back-breaking.

By the way, I second Al’s thoughts on the Kill/Claeys defensive identity. I really like what they did with the Gopher defense, but the fact that they got absolutely pushed around by the Quadrangle plus Northwestern is just not gonna cut it.

The only meal more bland that I can come up with is a steady diet of Mick McCall playcalling.

Speth: What kind of nonsense questions are these? Turnovers are like like pizza, they’re all good. A Mitch Leidner fumble is just as effective as a Mitch Leidner interception in my eyes. The Mitch Leidner interception may be a hair better because if Mitch Leidner is chucking the ball around the Gophers have already lost.

Andrew Karszewski: Unsalted saltines. It's basically just matter you can smash with your teeth and wrestle down your esophagus. And it gets the job done just fine, thank you very much.

Nate Peterson: I agree with all of the pick six/scoop and score responses.  I’d like to add sitting on the ball to run out two or so minutes with good field possession at the end of the first half as infuriating.  But the most demoralizing thing is a fat guy touchdown off a turnover on the road.  The home crowd will never be louder.

Rice and beans is a simple yet effective dish.  Can be dressed up with all kinds of good things like veggies and hot sauce and cheeze and exotic blitz packages, but the base is good enough and communities/teams have subsisted on it for centuries.

Jesse Collins: WHERE ARE MY TATER TOTS?!?!

Aaron Yorke: I'm terrible and lazy at cooking, so whenever I stay in to eat, it means bland food. I once added buffalo wing sauce to my macaroni and cheese and felt like a Food Network champion, so your hot casserole thing sounds pretty darn exciting.

The best type of turnover is a fumble recovery on a sack in the end zone. At first you're super excited that your team scored a safety, but then holy crap the ball is loose and IT'S A TOUCHDOWN BABY! Pick sixes are the worst. I remember Kerry Collins threw one against the Arizona Cardinals right before the end of the first half when there was no chance the Giants were going to score anyway. Of course it cost us the game. And let's not forget the one that Christian Hackenberg threw to Indiana two seasons ago. It wasn't right before the half, but it darn near cost Penn State another game in Bloomington. Thank goodness we don't have to watch that guy telegraph passes anymore.