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B1G 2016: Wisconsin Mailbag Questions!

Because I'm sure all these questions will be relevant to Wisconsin athletics,,,

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

So what started off as a pleasant little idea from one of my South Canada counterparts has actually turned into a rather entertaining spectacle. No I'm not talking about hiring Tim Brewster as a head coach, I'm talking about about the B1G 2016 mailbags. We here at OTE love to get the readers involved, and no that's not because half an article gets written for me. Well maybe a little bit...

So ask me anything about Wisconsin athletics (or athletics Wisconsin doesn't sponsor...). Or anything about bartending, I can probably answer those questions too. That doesn't have anything to do with Big Ten sports you say? Well welcome to Off Tackle Empire! Pull up a chair and be ready to spit some hot taeks because that's what we do here.

PS- All questions about why Minnesota and Iowa suck as states as a whole will probably get published by default because fuck Iowa and fuck Minnesota