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B1G 2016

B1G 2016, the preview series where each team gets a week.

5 Star Recruits and Rashan Gary

Everyone's watching you!

2016-17 Betting Odds for B1G Championship Released

Even-money favorites to win both the East and West, and Nebraska's overrated.

Who do you love and hate? The State of B1G Fandom

Five years on, we want to see who you, the reader, love (and hate) most in the Big Ten.

Northwestern Potluck, Day 5: Fixing Ryan Field

Burning it to the ground isn't an option, Wisconsin fans.

The Northwestern Wildcats Can't Handle Being Taken Seriously

This Precious Little Flower Wilts Under The Bright Lights.

B1G 2016: Northwestern Mailbag Answers

Our ever-increasing number of Northwestern writers answer your questions!

Northwestern: Sourest of Sour Beers? Record predictions!

Record predictions, season outlooks, and which beer is your school?

B1G 2016: Northwestern — A look at 1995

Two members of the class of 1997 share their experiences of Northwestern’s memorable 1995 Football season

B1G 2016: Northwestern Potluck — Kickers

Let’s talk kickers!

Why do NU fans shake keys? B1G 2016: Traditions!

(It's because we're better than you.)

Ketchup on Hot Dogs? Northwestern Defense Potluck

We have an outstanding defense! But would you put ketchup on Matthew Harris?

BIG 2016: Northwestern coaches

Northwestern has the same coaching staff, year in and year out

B1G 2016 // Northwestern Potluck Part 1: Appetizer

We kick off our Northwestern potluck with the most exclusive food for the discerning Wildcat

B1G 2016: Northwestern Wildcats Cocktail Party Preview

Welcome to our weeklong preview of Northwestern football in 2016!

B1G 2016: Northwestern Mailbag Questions

We have tons of Northwestern writers. Ask them anything!

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Hoegher's 2016 Previews: WISCONSIN

Finally some hope for Penn State basketball?

Pat Chambers is putting some very talented players in blue and white uniforms.

B1G 2016 // Penn State Cocktail Party Preview

How James Franklin is going to win more games than your team's coach.

Maryland...Its fans suck worse than its football

Your flag looks like scrambled eggs bled to death in a fire.

B1G 2016 // What's Maryland doing with B1G Money?

Maryland has already started renovating Cole Field House. What is next?

BIG 2016 // Maryland Potluck Part 3: Loaded Cheese Fries

Cheesy goodness!

2017 Maryland Basketball Preview

It's never too early to start taking a look at the next basketball season

BIG 2016 // Maryland Potluck Part 2: Soup

Cream of Crab soup is awesome!

B1G 2016 // The Maryland Terrapins start the D.J. Durkin Era

D.J. Durkin heralds a new era for the Terps

B1G 2016 // Maryland Terrapins Potluck Part 1: Breakfast

The Angry Pig Omelette from the Iron Rooster is good for soaking up all of the alcohol you're about to consume

B1G 2016 // What to know about the Terps

The good and bad about the upcoming season

The current state of Minnesota football in pictures

A picture is worth 1000 words

B1G 2016 // Resetting Expectations for B1G Hockey

Last Year I looked at how the move to the B1G has impacted Minnesota Hockey. Even a fifth consecutive conference championship could not get the Pride on Ice into the NCAA Tournament this spring. It is time to reset expectations for the B1G.

B1G 2016 // Minnesota Potluck Part 3: Hotdish Special

Gotta follow up those fancy burgers with something simple but effective. Something that won't offend but will leave everyone full. We're talkin' Hotdish!

B1G 2016 // Minnesota Potluck Part 2: Burgers

We follow up breakfast with everyone's favorite jucy lucys!

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Hoegher's 2016 Previews: MINNESOTA

B1G 2016 // Minnesota Potluck Part 1: Breakfast

We kick off the Minnesota Potluck with the most important meal of the day: Breakfast. Perfect for all of those 11AM kickoffs.


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