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B1G 2016

B1G 2016, the preview series where each team gets a week.


Guess which team has the 2015 Iowa Schedule? Hint: It's not Iowa.

Rutgers Potluck, Part 5: Saltwater Taffy

Will Rutgers ever re-connect with what it did for college football?

Rutgers Potluck, Part 4: FAT SANDWICHES

Rutgers' offense is changing. Will it work out for them right away? Also, Fat Sandwiches are great.

B1G 2016 // Rutgers Week, Potluck Part 3: Pizza. Jersey Style

There is a food that Jersey does best, but is there anything that Rutgers does better than the rest of the B1G?

Rutgers Week, Day 3: Let's Talk TRADITION

What traditions could a 250 year old, first ever college football game victor, Big Ten newbie have? Read and find out!

B1G 2016 // Rutgers Potluck Part 2: The Great Jersey Debate

It's Taylor Ham, but which quarterback?

Meet the New and Improved Rutgers Coaches

Rutgers cleaned house. Are you curious as to who we got to try and take us higher in the B1G?

Rutgers Potluck Part 1: Jersey Farms & Food

New Jersey is known for its food. Could we one day be know for college football via Rutgers too?

B1G 2016: Rutgers Week Preview

RU ready for Rutgers Week? This cocktail party will catch you up on Rutgers' past season and prepare you for our impending Big Ten domination. Bending the knee to the Scarlet Knights now will be much easier, we assure you.

Illinois, you're still going to suck

Illinois should just give up on playing football. Lovie Smith won't get it done

Illinois Potluck Part 5: Let's Get Dessert

Some still have tremendous love for Chambana even after being removed. I'm not the only one.

Please, Illinois, Don't Punish Our Faith This Time

Excitement for Illinois football historically leads to tears. Please, not this time?

B1G 2016 // Welcome To The Champaign Room

SB Nation's Illinois site attempts to explain some things to Off Tackle Empire

Illinois and Chicago: Deep Dish Recruiting!

Chicago is vital to the state of Illinois. Without it, Illinois is basically Iowa with better corn.

Illini Tradition is Alive and Well

The Illinois Fighting Illini faithful will celebrate the illustrious past even as we look towards the distant future.

Illinois Potluck Part 3: Does That Steak Sizzle?

Yesterday we talked about the chefs in Champaign. What are they cooking up?

So Just Who Are These Guys Coaching Illinois?

Lovie Smith's most trusted confidants are profiled.

Illinois Potluck Part 2: Corn Is Good For You

The state of Illinois: you're either in Chicago or near a cornfield.

Illinois Football Potluck Part 1: Makin' the Bacon

Ignore the one-block-thick shell of abandoned buildings around downtown Champaign; there's some pretty good stuff there.

The New Illinois Football: A Preview

This is the start of a new era for Illinois Football. What's it going to look like?

B1G 2016 // Indiana Potluck Part 5: Pizza Party!

Because the week just feels better when you end it with pizza.

Indiana Hoosiers Hate

Like kicking a mediocre baby when it's trying to get up

B1G 2016 Indiana Potluck IV: Who Needs Defense?

B1G 2016 // Not Just a Basketball School

There's more to Indiana Athletics than just football and men's basketball.

B1G 2016 Indiana Potluck 3: Hoosier Quarterback?

B1G 2016 // Indiana Traditions

I make no apologies for the title.

Indiana Potluck 2: Kevin Wilson, Recruiting Genius

B1G 2016 // IU's New Man on Campus: DC Tom Allen

Another year, another change designed to make the defense better.

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Hoegher's 2016 Previews: INDIANA

B1G 2016 Indiana Potluck: Can The Success Continue?

This year's Indiana Potluck is being catered by restaurants that got their start in the state of Indiana. Prepare for some strange choices.

B1G 2016: Indiana Hoosiers Cocktail Party Preview

If we were going strictly by record, this would be Rutgers Week. However, owing to other important circumstances (good luck with finals, Zuzu!), you instead get Indiana Week. And what would Indiana football be without tailgating?

Who does your team own like Nebraska owns Sparty?

Okay, so 3-2 is not what we would call, 'owning' but that still seems funny.


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