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B1G 2018

2018 Football previews!

How They’ll Finish: The OTE Staff’s Full Predictions

Soup to nuts, Ohio State to Illinois—we’ve got the full order of 2018 Big Ten standings and predictions here.

With Urban Meyer’s suspension and resurgent Iowa State, could the Big Ten go 0-4 against the Big XII?

We preview the Big Ten-Big XII matchups with some help from our friends on the Great Plains.

2018 Closing Arguments: Postseason Play on the Horizon for Rutgers?

Will this season be the glorious return to consistent bowl games for the Scarlet Knights?

2018 Closing Arguments: Wisconsin

No fancy wordplay, nothing flashy, just a bunch of words lining up and coming right at you, over and over.

Urban Meyer suspended for the first three games

AD Gene Smith suspended too: Meyer won’t coach against Oregon State, Rutgers, and TCU

Closing Arguments: Purdue will score its way to a bowl game

Do the Boilermakers have the defense to squeak past a tough schedule and into more December football?

Big Ten, you NEED Northwestern this year.

The Wildcats have loaded up for a strong 2019. But coming off a 10-win season, they’re poised to excel now and exceed (admittedly low) public expectations in 2018.

Beyond the Empire: MACtion Remains Magic

Our MAC expert stops by to shamelessly self-promote. Also, we talk MACtion, Wednesday night football, and whether a Big Ten team could fall to its junior partner.



2018 Closing Arguments: Sunshine, Lollipops, Unicorns, and P.J. Fleck

2018 Closing Arguments: The Case Against Minnesota

Before we get to what will happen, let’s see what could go wrong.

The Iowa Hawkeyes Will Win the West

Well, probably not, but here’s my closing arguments, anyway.

A Big Ten team will probably lose to a Mountain West squad. At home.

Welp. But there’s a walk down memory lane here, too, which is nice.

Beyond the Empire: FUNBELT, the South’s second-rate answer to MACTION

Also, there’s a real chance Nebraska loses to Troy, so we preview and offer predictions for that, too.

Beyond the Empire: FAU should win Conference USA. Is anyone else any good?

Both Indiana and wisconsin meet C-USA teams in Week 1. Do either Florida International or Western Kentucky have a chance of pulling the upset?

Illinois Fighting Illini Football Will Improve In 2018: Closing Arguments

This is the year it starts to look like a football team

Which road games are you attending in 2018?

Talking our plans for hitting the road for Big Ten football in 2018. Come share lodging tips, stadium reviews, travel advice, beer and bar recommendations, and anything else you can think of.

This stream has:

2018 Closing Arguments

The OTE writers make their final cases for how well their Big Ten teams will fare in 2018.

Beyond the Empire: College Football Independents Preview

TOO GOOD FOR A CONFERENCE, TOUGH GUY—oh no wait that’s really unfortunate we’re sorry we didn’t mean anything by it

Beyond the Empire: FCS (Missouri Valley Conference)

In this first installment of Off Tackle Empire’s 2018 Big Ten non-conference preview, Iowa and Illinois look to avoid upsets at the hands of in-state foes.

B1G Kickoff Luncheon Recap 2018

Autographs, Selfies, and B1G Eye for the Coach Guy?!

Natty Boh, Old Bay, and...5-win seasons? MARYLAND 2018 RECORD PREDICTIONS

Our writers get together to chat Maryland’s 2018 record and their first cheap-and-shitty beer.

Maryland Potluck 2: Quarterback Controversies and Offensive Offenses

Solving the Maryland two- (three-?) deep at quarterback and remembering spread offenses gone by.

B1G 2018: Maryland Football Historical Perspective

A look back at a successful 15-year run for Maryland Terrapin football.

B1G 2018: Maryland Mailbag Request!

Here’s your chance to ask about any and all things Maryland.

Big Ten Media Days 2018: Open Thread

Talking about writing about what I’m doing. Now I’m singing about talking about writing about what I’m doing.

Maryland Potluck I: Mostly Crab Stories

Reviewing what Maryland’s greatest contribution to the Big Ten will have been (that’s future perfect tense, kids) after its fifth year in the conference.

B1G 2018: Maryland Preview

Taking a look at what the Maryland Terrapins will look like this year.

Ohio State Potluck: Part the Third

Pat’s Here and That Trifle Says She Ain’t Come to Play School

Why the 1997 Rose Bowl might be the most pivotal win in Ohio State history

I also had a blast at the game

Ohio State has been blessed with so many great players, some get forgotten

His dad was great, too

In Defense of Jim Tressel

Tattoos, Gold Pants, and Tincture of Time


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