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B1G 2018

2018 Football previews!

Ohio State Football Needs a New Tradition, And I have a Preview of What it Wont Be

Whatever it is, it should involve Michigan, of course

Ohio State Potluck: Part The Second

In Which You Eat Things You Know You Shouldn’t

B1G 2018: Minnesota Mailbag Responses

All this wisconsin is just awful. Let’s break up the monotony with some Minnesota!

B1G 2018: Wisconsin Mailbag Answers

We answered questions you asked. How wild is that?

B1G 2018: The Secret To Wisconsin Coaching Wizardry

It’s simpler than you might think. Yes, even you.

Childhood Vacations and Fourth of July Plans

Buffaloes, bears, and 1000-footed giant slugs. What’s your favorite childhood vacation memory?

What is the Midwest? A Midwest/America Week Welcome

Are we shamelessly ripping off FiveThirtyEight? You bet your sweet ass we are.

Penn State Is On The Precipice Of Greatness With One Major Obstacle: Podcast 6/28/18 // B1G 2018

They’ve recruited well enough to win most divisions in CFB

Some of my favorite Penn State traditions

It’s been a long time since I graduated, so I’m hoping they still do some of these things.

Penn State’s upcoming basketball season is riding on Lamar Stevens

The vet must step up this year if the Lions are to continue moving forward.

B1G 2018: Penn State Cocktail Party Season Preview

Even without Saquon Barkley, Penn State’s offense could be better than ever this year.

You asked, our butlers answered: Northwestern Mailbag!

How we think Northwestern should renovate Ryan Field, why we enjoy Malort, Grand Unified Theory snuck in here somehow, Internet jokes, whether the ‘Cats can win a Big Ten title, and Josh Gasser being mentioned in the same breath as Evan Eschmeyer. It was weird.

B1G 2018 | Northwestern Potluck IV: Predicting the Wildcats’ 2018 Record

Can the Northwestern Wildcats challenge wisconsin for first in the Big Ten West? Our staff picks their record and previews their schedule.

Bread and Practice Facilities

Or...stale popcorn and circuses. Or something.

B1G 2018 || Northwestern Potluck III: Program-Changing Transfers

With a couple high-profile additions, could the Wildcats challenge for the Big Ten West title in 2018 and beyond?

Struggling To Say Something Interesting About The Northwestern Wildcats: Podcast 6/20/18 // B1G 2018

We kind of already said everything about them in our other podcasts

B1G 2018 : Northwestern Traditions - Fandom

Northwestern fans are particularly inventive displaying their fandom

Northwestern Potluck II: Who’s your 10th assistant?

An ill-fated OTE Slack channel provides our topic of conversation today.

BIG 2018 - Northwestern Coaches

Pat Fitzgerald made some minor staff changes this offseason.

B1G 2018: Northwestern Mailbag Call!

You’ve got Northwestern questions, we’ve got unfunny answers. Let’s hop to it!

B1G 2018, Northwestern Potluck: What’s your team’s most underwhelming 10-win season?

In the wake of a successful Northwestern season that somehow left about 25% of Northwestern fans satisfied, we talk Wildcats’ perception around the Big Ten and disappointment with 10-win seasons. Purdue fans need not apply.

B1G 2018: Sit down, it’s time to talk about the 2018 Big Ten West runners-up, the Northwestern Wildcats!

Meet the new ‘Cats, same as the old ‘Cats...kinda. There’s a new running back, and the quarterback might be dead. But there’s still lots of purple! Maybe we can start there.

The Michigan State Spartans Still Have A Bullough On The Roster: Podcast 6/14/18 // B1G 2018

There are just so many of them

2018 Will Also Not Be The Year Jim Harbaugh’s Michigan Wolverines Break Through: Podcast 6/7/2018 // B1G 2018

Shandon Peterson won’t win the division no matter how much Harbaugh there is

That Moment When You Most Detested the Michigan Wolverines? Let’s Hear About It

The Wolverines bring out strong emotions.

Three Weekends in March: A First-Hand Account of Michigan’s Final Four Run

The NCAA Championship game may have been played in April, but it’s called March Madness for a reason, and I was a part of this year’s madness. My journey in photos.

Is He Winning? The Many Levels of Jim Harbaugh’s Michigan Experience

B1G 2018: Michigan Cocktail Party Season Preview

Unlike last season, when Michigan turned over the majority of its roster, the Wolverines bring almost everyone back this year. But will another year of seasoning result in more success?

B1G 2018 // Purdue Mailbag Answers

B1G 2018 // The Purdue Potluck: It’s Tricky

It’s Tricky to rock a rhyme, to rock a rhyme that’s right on time

The Purdue Boilermakers Are Very Useful Engines That Might Struggle Defensively: Podcast 5/30/18 // B1G 2018

The fat controller laughed. "You are wrong"

B1G 2018 // Purdue Mailbag Request

Please ask us questions that we can answer


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