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B1G 2020

B1G 2020

Previews, breakdowns, and general ruminations on the 2020 Big Ten football season, team-by-team, week-by-week.

B1G 2020: Indiana Is Once Again Asking for an Actual Upset Win

B1G 2020: It Sure Can’t Get Much Worse for Northwestern

Playing in their natural habitat—a 60-minute paean to John Cage’s 4’33"—Pat Fitzgerald’s Wildcats look to push the boundaries of offensive indecency...and somehow improve on a 3-win 2019.

The New Big Ten Schedule: Winners, Losers, and Whiners

Two out of three ain’t bad, Nebraska!

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Which networks will get the best Big Ten games?

One reader looks at the ABC and FOX broadcast schedules -- taking a stab at projecting out where you'll watch the best Big Ten football games of the year.

Big Ten football returns for a short season with stringent medical protocols

After waiting for a bit, the conference has decided to play a short season

Well, it’s...happening? Reckless Speculation Thread.

Here we go. Come talk about why.

VideOTEGames: Reviewing the Indiana Roster

OTE 2020: Wisconsin Roster Review

B1G Football is BACK! (Kinda)

B1G 2020: So now what are we supposed to do?

I don’t know.

Wednesday Morning Coming Down: Big Ten Football Cancelled For Fall 2020

what now?

Double Feature! Iowa Hawkeyes Basketball Is A Big Ten Title Contender! Minnesota Is Not So Much!


B1G 2020 - Iowa Cocktail Party Season Preview

Welcome to Iowa Week BAYBEEE

B1G 2020 - Penn State Defense and Punting

Next man up

Has Penn State Football Reached Steady State Conditions? Is Basketball Joining Them?

Can you believe Pat Chambers is in year 8?

Michigan’s Offensive Line

Screw Football, Let’s Talk Michigan Wolverines Basketball. Juwan Howard Did OK!

...And some Harbaugh stuff if you really want.

B1G 2020 - Penn State Offense and Kicking

We're gonna fight em all

B1G 2020: Quarterback Competition in Ann Arbor

B1G 2020 - Penn State Coaching Staff

New and familiar faces leading the Blue and White

Josh Gattis: Year Two

Josh Gattis begins his second season as Michigan’s Offensive Coordinator

B1G 2020 - Penn State Cocktail Party Preview

Michigan Cocktail Party Season Preview

It’s Michigan week at Off Tackle Empire

Coronavirus and Sports: The Bargaining Stage Game

What would you sacrifice to preserve your most promising sports season?

Illinois Fighting Illini & Big Ten Themed Beers I Have Brewed Or Am Considering

What should I brew next?

With basketball recruiting at an all-time high, should Michigan State bother playing football in 2020?

Hold [X] To Sim To End Of Season

Only Clay Travis Can Save The 2020 College Football Season. Why Hasn’t He?

If you have the power to save, aren’t you obligated to use that power?

Building to the 2020 Illinois Fighting Illini Football Season: A Retrospective

How did we get here, what worked and what didn’t?

B1G 2020: Illinois Cocktail Party Preview

The best Fighting Illini squad since 2007?

Can Illinois Fighting Illini Football Drunkenly Stumble To A Winning 2020 Record?

What’s the goal here in 2020 Sports Hell?

The Upstairs Apartment: An Absolutely* True** Story in One Act

*not **(-ly satirical)

The 2020 Indiana Hoosiers Might Be Better Than Last Year, And It Might Not Matter

Also, does Archie MIller have a future?


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