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B1G 2020

B1G 2020

Previews, breakdowns, and general ruminations on the 2020 Big Ten football season, team-by-team, week-by-week.

B1G 2020 || Somewhere In Indiana

B1G 2020 // Opening the Candystriped Mailbox

Where you had some wildly divergent questions, and I provide some reasonably interesting answers, probably.

B1G 2020 Preview: Purdue Defense

New Boss + New Scheme = MoreBetterGooder? Maybe?

Who had the more disappointing basketball season? Purdue or Indiana?

And of course, will the boiler of the football team be made more structurally sound this time?

Did YOU know Indiana runs a 4-2-5? Do YOU know what Wolfenstein is?

We didn’t/don’t/still don’t care.

B1G 2020 // Michael Penix is the Quarterback of Now

After two seasons cut short by injury, this is the time for Mike Penix to show up.

The Unholy Abomination That Is Chia Seeds, Chorizo, and a Bob Diaco Defense

Writers, make it worrrrrk...

2020 Purdue Offense: AO’C (not to be confused with the Representative) or Jack “the Snack”*?

Who’s going to get the ball to Moore, Bell, and the trainload of talent at WR?


Have questions about Indiana, Hoosier football, or the best flavors of Coca-Cola? Our intrepid IU correspondent has your answers.

Young Quarterbacks and Buckets of Beer—Risky Biz-ness in Bloomington

The best-named quarterback in the Big Ten has the job to himself and the weapons to conjure up Indiana’s offensive numbers of old. But are there cracks in the Hoosier foundation?

Can Indiana trust a Michigan Man?

A couple of new faces, and also a few new titles.

Chicken Nuggets for the Kids, Grad Transfers for the Adults

A grad transfer shakes up the Boilers’ QB room—could we be talking a Russell Wilson redux?

B1G 2020 || A B1G Score Board

B1G 2020: Indiana Hoosiers Mocktail Party Preview

Now featuring less required alcohol consumption than previous years! (Note: alcohol still recommended.)

Is the Jeff Brohm Era a culinary innovation or a microwaved box of stuffing?

Either way, we’ve got Purdue to thank for it.

B1G 2020 || Purdue Football Cocktail Party Preview

Can Purdue bounce back after a disappointing 2019?

Build Your Own Runza—How the 2020 Nebraska Cornhuskers Will Fare

Grab some comfort food and take a gander at a schedule that...might’ve gotten easier?

The National Weather Service Has Cancelled Its Frost Advisory For Nebraska Cornhuskers Football

Have we closed the book on Nebraska exceptionalism for good?

Northwestern has a B1G problem.

Spotty development has held the ‘Cats back in one B1G area—and it looks like it will continue to do so.

How Pat Fitzgerald Is Winning The Summer Of Discontent: Podwestern Wildcast 2020

All things Northwestern Sports 2020!

Blackshirts and Red Beer: Gross Things That Definitely Exist

Erik Chinander and the Nebraska defense need to take a huge stride in 2020—but are "good defense" and "Scott Frost-coached team" compatible?

B1G 2020: At Nebraska, one day student-athletes might actually make money on their Name (Image, and Likeness)

NIL is all the rage, and Nebraska is at the center of it... again

Northwestern 2020: Offense Preview

Northwestern’s offense hit rock bottom last year. Let’s hope there’s light at the end of the tunnel....Please?

An Irrational Thing I Did For This Stupid Football Team

No, not that thing. The other thing.

Adrian Martinez and the Husker Offense—All Sizzle, No Steak?

Talking the Huskers’ RB-and-TE-heavy offense, wondering if Adrian Martinez is the answer, and talking a LOT about steak recipes.

A Frat House, A Carpet, and a Sticky Mess

I don’t see football happening, so here’s a story about something else.

Northwestern Football 2020: Coaching Changes

Pat Fitzgerald finally made a change NU fans have been clamoring for!!

When will B1G Football actually be cancelled? An OTE Pool Contest

B1G Football is getting cancelled. We know it’s going to happen. You know it’s going to happen. So let’s bet on it!

B1G 2020, Nebraska Potluck #1: Pizza Buffets and the Scott Frost Rebuild—A Study in Mediocrity

Lukewarm and easily surpassed by its more urbane neighbors, but a comforting reminder of childhood. Is it Godfather’s Pizza or Nebraska football? NO NEED TO DECIDE:

B1G 2020: Previewing the Nebraska Cornhuskers

In which we pretend as if there is going to be football this season.

Northwestern Football 2020: Can’t be as bad as...everything else!

Pat Fitzgerald returns most of his starters, and even if those starters went 3-9 in 2019, there’s reason for optimism, should 2020 happen. Here’s what to expect.

What Could the 10th B1G Football Game Look Like For 2020?

Let’s pour a couple cans of Mountain Dew Zero and try to hammer this out.


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