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B1G 2021

Each Big Ten team gets a week all to its own this summer as they do every summer here on Off Tackle Empire. With the help of team contributors, we will try to understand the team, learn more about the players, coaches, traditions, other sports teams and campus culture before roundly mocking all of those things, dismissing them and moving on to the next school. Previews, depth charts, predictions, meditations, celebrations, lamentations and scathing diss tracks abound.

Beyond the Empire: A Few More MACtion Landmines...and Who Wins the MAC?

Who wins the MAC? Can Northwestern and Maryland avoid the last landmines for the conference?

Week 3: B1G Stock Report

Week 3: B1G Evening Game Thread

B1G After Dark: Let’s Get Weird

Week 3: B1G Afternoon Game Thread

Week 3: B1G Early Game Thread

Week 3: B1G Friday Game Thread

Nobody Asked For It, Yet We Got It

More Reasons to Root for Notre Dame to Lose This Saturday

Why Notre Dame is Bad

Week 2: B1G Stock Report

The Adventure Continues

Week 2: B1G Evening Game Thread

B1G After Dark: Let’s Get Weird

Week 2: B1G Afternoon Game Thread

¡El Assico!

Week 2: B1G Early Game Thread

Will there be an FCS-over-Big Ten upset? A Missouri Valley-Big Ten Preview

Can Indiana State or Youngstown State pull an upset of Northwestern or Michigan State? Are NDSU and SDSU contenders? Will a Missouri Valley school go FBS anytime soon? Catching up with the best conference in FCS football and a guy who knows it all about them!

Can Buffalo upset Nebraska? Quintessential MAC Experiences and Potential Week 2 Upsets

Previews of the Big Ten-MAC non-conference football games through September 11:

Week 1: B1G Stock Report

The B1G Weekend in Fourteen Pithy Paragraphs

Week 1: B1G Evening Game Thread

Boilers, Beavers, BEEP BEEP: Let’s Get Weird

Week 1: B1G Afternoon Game Thread

An I for an I leaves everyone blind.

Week 1: B1G Early Game Thread

At least one of these could be interesting.

Week 1: B1G Friday Game Thread

Offensive Explosion

Conference USA: Home of Nebraska’s Future Coach and Trouble for Illinois This Weekend?

Previewing Roadrunners-Illini and looking at the future of a G5 conference hit hard by COVID and realignment.

Week 1: B1G Thursday Game Thread


Closing Arguments: How the Big Ten will finish in 2021

Predicting ALL the teams and ALL the records and everything else, too:

2021 Closing Arguments: Have the Terps turned a corner?

Some discipline and coaching would have Maryland on the verge of bowling, writes larry31.

2021 Purdue Closing Arguments

What are we afraid of?

Closing Arguments: No Time Like the Present for Indiana, Because the Past Sucks

It’s put up or shut up time.

Beyond the Empire: Who falls to MACtion? Pt. I

11 games, and there’s only one Akron...but potential for upsets? Here’s what to expect when America’s heartland conferences meet:

Michigan Closing Arguments: 2021 Season Preview and Predictions

What to expect in somewhat of a transitional season for Jim Harbaugh and the Michigan Wolverines?

Minnesota Closing Arguments: 2021 Season Preview and Predictions

It’s time to get overly excited for a team that’s about to lose by at least 2 touchdowns!

Week 0: B1G Game Thread

It all comes down to naught.

2021 Nebraska Closing Arguments: Fourth Verse, Same as the First?

Will Scott Frost EVER turn Huskers football around?

This stream has:

2021 Closing Arguments: Big Ten Record Predictions and Picks

Who will win the Big Ten? ...or, really, who will finish runner-up to Ohio State? Our team-by-team predictions for final standings in Big Ten football.

Closing Arguments 2021: Penn State can’t be any worse. Right?

Better Than Last Year...Better than Auburn?

Closing Arguments 2021: The Ohio State Buckeyes and The End of Ryan Day?

The End Or The Beginning or The Beginning of the End


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