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B1G 2021

Each Big Ten team gets a week all to its own this summer as they do every summer here on Off Tackle Empire. With the help of team contributors, we will try to understand the team, learn more about the players, coaches, traditions, other sports teams and campus culture before roundly mocking all of those things, dismissing them and moving on to the next school. Previews, depth charts, predictions, meditations, celebrations, lamentations and scathing diss tracks abound.

Michigan Closing Arguments: 2021 Season Preview and Predictions

What to expect in somewhat of a transitional season for Jim Harbaugh and the Michigan Wolverines?

Minnesota Closing Arguments: 2021 Season Preview and Predictions

It’s time to get overly excited for a team that’s about to lose by at least 2 touchdowns!

Week 0: B1G Game Thread

It all comes down to naught.

2021 Nebraska Closing Arguments: Fourth Verse, Same as the First?

Will Scott Frost EVER turn Huskers football around?

This stream has:

2021 Closing Arguments: Big Ten Record Predictions and Picks

Who will win the Big Ten? ...or, really, who will finish runner-up to Ohio State? Our team-by-team predictions for final standings in Big Ten football.

Closing Arguments 2021: Penn State can’t be any worse. Right?

Better Than Last Year...Better than Auburn?

Closing Arguments 2021: The Ohio State Buckeyes and The End of Ryan Day?

The End Or The Beginning or The Beginning of the End

Closing Arguments: Illinois and the Promising 2-10 Season

Not all 2-10 seasons are created equal

Northwestern Closing Arguments: 2021 Season Preview and Predictions

It's like this foghorn that keeps calling out to you: "Wiiiiild-cats, Wiiiiild-cats"

Checking In: The 2021 Big Ten Season and Off Tackle Empire

Listening to you, the reader, now—so we don’t have to later.

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People Forget.

(He's also an asshole!)


Or: How OSU Became the Shortest Giant in CFB

Can the Ohio State Buckeyes Football Death Star Lose Before The Playoffs?

It’s been three years since they lost a conference game

Ohio State: Future Mid-Tier SEC Program

Softest Schedule in the Big Ten and Talking Trash

How about a 14th helping of hotdish? 2021 Ohio State Record Predictions

Grab some Johnny Marzetti—no, we don’t care if you’re full—and tell us if the Buckeyes are in the College Football Playoff again.

Potluck #1: Is Ohio State even a Big Ten team anymore?

From speed traps and Waffle Houses to stoolie rumor-mongering and the broken nature of the Big Ten. Ohio, everyone!

Reloading but Vulnerable? A 2021 Ohio State Overview

Somehow there are questions surrounding a coach who’s never lost to a Big Ten team.

Northwestern Hate

We must do better

There’s no way the ‘Cats repeat in the West. RIGHT? 2021 Northwestern Football Predictions

A curtain-raiser with Michigan State, ANOTHER damn Duke game, and friendly enough crossovers. Could Northwestern repeat atop the West?

Mailbag, Pt. II: Malort, Quiz Bowl, and Tailgating at Northwestern

Quiz bowl, Malort, tailgating at Northwestern games, and places to go in Evanston. We’re so sorry.

How will Northwestern ugly up games THIS year? Mailbag, Pt. 1

Looking back at M00N and...well, just EVERY Michigan loss as we answer your questions on why NU beats Iowa but can’t fill Ryan Field, the best upsets of wisconsin, and more!

It’s time to update the uniforms: Put the Northwestern stripe on the shoulders

Under Armour, Northwestern, let’s put the stripe back where it belongs

Why It’s Time For A Northwestern Wildcats Football Down Year In 2021

Just check the schedule.

ANOTHER transfer quarterback. What could go wrong? 2021 Northwestern Offense Preview

Transfer quarterback Ryan Hilinski looks poised to nose out Hunter Johnson and Andrew Marty, but can OC Mike Bajakian construct an offense around a transfer for the second straight year?

Big Shoes to Fill: A 2021 Northwestern Defense Preview

New DC Jim O’Neil raises more questions than he answers...but that’s what consistency across Pat Fitzgerald’s tenure is for. Who’s the next man up?

Northwestern Mailbag Call?!?!?

You probably have questions. We don’t have answers, but we’ll sure yell things at you.

Northwestern Cocktail Party Preview: They’re still Pat Fitzgerald’s Wildcats

A lot new, but it’s still Pat Fitzgerald’s Northwestern. Whatever that means.

Just Secede Already, Indiana

We’ve already taken the fifteen seconds necessary to make our peace with it.

2021 Indiana Record Predictions: The Most Interesting Schedule in the Big Ten

Grab a frosty mug of Southern Indiana’s finest and let’s toast the most interesting schedule in the Big Ten.

Indiana Potluck #2: I-69, Brain, and Penix THIS IS A MATURE BLOG, YOU GO HOME

We head down I-69 and marvel at how football is a game of inches.

B1G 2021: Indiana’s Coaching Changes: Deland McCullough Returns, and Charlton Warren Arrives

Indiana Potluck #1: Do we buy what Tom Allen is selling? Indiana actually becoming a football school?


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