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B1G Baseball Weekly Update (3/30 - 4/7)‏

We are getting into the thick of B1G play and seeing some separation between the contenders, pretenders, and those that should just focus solely on spring football.

You'll get 'em next year???
You'll get 'em next year???
Elsa/Getty Images
At this point in time everyone has at least played a conference series so here is where we stand as of now:
Standings Conference Overall
Michigan St.
Penn State
Ohio State

Illinois (12-14, 3-3) RPI: 93

04/01/16 at Nebraska W 6-4
04/02/16 at Nebraska L 8-9
04/03/16 at Nebraska L 7-9
04/05/16 EASTERN ILL. W 9-7

Lost a hard fought battle with Nebraska in which they lead early in all three games but couldn't close things out on Saturday and Sunday. Did salvage the week with a win over Eastern Illinois.

Up next: 4/8 - 4/10 @Iowa; 4/12 Illinois St.

Indiana (14-13, 1-2) RPI: 164

04/01/16 at Rutgers L 1-7
04/02/16 at Rutgers L 2-3
04/02/16 at Rutgers W 9-2
04/06/16 at Central Baptist W 7-3

Dropped their opening B1G series at Rutgers which certainly didn't help things in trying to get back to the top of the B1G. Did somehow manage to move up 30 RPI spots though.

Up next: 4/8 - 4/10 Purdue; 4/13 Ball St.

Iowa (12-14, 3-3) RPI: 129

04/01/16 at Minnesota L 1-4
04/03/16 at Minnesota W 6-3
04/03/16 at Minnesota L 3-6
04/06/16 MILWAUKEE W 9-1

Lost a hard fought series with Minnesota and will have another decent squad in Illinois coming to town. If Iowa wants to put their RPI in the double digits a series win could go a long way to help that cause.

Up next: 4/8 - 4/10 Illinois; 4/12 & 4/13 Air Force

Maryland (15-15, 1-2) RPI: 56

03/30/16 at VCU W 7-1
04/01/16 HIGH POINT L 2-7
04/02/16 HIGH POINT W 13-5
04/03/16 HIGH POINT L 3-4
04/05/16 at Liberty L 4-5
04/06/16 JAMES MADISON W 5-2

Maryland is still hovering around .500 on the season. They'll get a decent win against VCU then drop a series versus whatever High Point is supposed to be. Also split the mid week series too losing at Liberty but then beating James Madison. Yet through all the splits and breaking even still has a decent RPI.

Up next: 4/8 - 4/10 aOSU; 4/12 Richmond

#25 Michigan (21-6, 3-0) RPI: 28

04/01/16 at Northwestern W 10-4
04/01/16 at Northwestern W 12-3
04/03/16 at Northwestern W 11-9
04/05/16 at Notre Dame L 5-9
04/06/16 BOWLING GREEN W 5-0

Gave the broom treatment to Northwestern and showed off some firepower in the offense by getting double digit runs each game. Did drop a mid-week game to the hated Irish but rebounded and shutout Bowling Green to stay perfect at home. Has a decent test coming up against Minnesota this weekend.

Up next: 4/8 - 4/10 Minnesota; 4/13 Eastern Michigan

Michigan State (19-5, 3-0) RPI: 45

04/01/16 OREGON W 3-2
04/02/16 OREGON Canceled
04/03/16 OREGON Canceled
04/05/16 EASTERN MICH. L 2-4

Won a close Friday game in extra innings against Oregon but that would be it for the series since Mother Nature is not cool in Michigan this time of year. MSU's RPI then took a hit and dropped 20 pts. after a loss against the Eagles.

Up next: 4/8 - 4/10 @PSU; 4/13 Central Michigan

Minnesota (16-10, 2-1) RPI: 37

03/30/16 SAINT MARY'S (MN) W 9-1
04/01/16 IOWA W 4-1
04/03/16 IOWA L 3-6
04/03/16 IOWA W 6-3
04/06/16 NORTHERN ILL. W 12-10

Pretty productive week for the Gophers in only dropping one game and winning an important series against Iowa. With the win Minnesota keeps their RPI in pretty good shape but that will all be tested this weekend on the road at Michigan.

Up next: 4/8 - 4/10 @Michigan; 4/12 South Dakota St.

Nebraska (20-9, 5-1) RPI: 54

04/01/16 ILLINOIS L 4-6
04/02/16 ILLINOIS W 9-8
04/03/16 ILLINOIS W 9-7
04/05/16 KANSAS ST. L 2-4
04/06/16 at Omaha W 11-6

Won a hard fought series against Illinois where the Huskers used some timely hitting to come back in the final two games. Did drop a mid-week game to KSU which dinged the RPI a little but rebounded nicely with an easy win over UNO.

Up next: 4/8 - 4/10 Northwestern; 4/12 Creighton (#SpreadJaycism)

Northwestern (7-22, 1-5) RPI: 273

03/30/16 CHICAGO ST. W 11-5
04/01/16 MICHIGAN L 4-10
04/01/16 MICHIGAN L 3-12
04/03/16 MICHIGAN L 9-11
04/05/16 ILL.-CHICAGO L 0-7

Not a very productive week for the Wildcats since they only picked up one win against rival(?) Chicago St then got dropped by both Michigan and Illinois-Chicago. Things don't get any easier with a road matchup against Nebraska next.

Up next: 4/8 - 4/10 @Nebraska; 4/13 Bradley

Ohio State (19-8, 2-1) RPI: 148

03/30/16 TOLEDO W 9-8
04/01/16 BETHUNE-COOKMAN W 6-2
04/02/16 BETHUNE-COOKMAN W 11-2
04/03/16 BETHUNE-COOKMAN W 13-5
04/05/16 at Kent St. L 3-8

Was rolling along quite nicely last week taking out Toledo and perpetual-3-or-4-seed-in-some-Sunshine-State-regional Bethune-Cookman. And even though they dropped a mid-week game to Kent St the Buckeyes did manage to rise 20 RPI spots. Still getting no love from the computers despite the record.

Up next: 4/8 - 4/10 @Maryland; 4/12 & 4/13 Morehead St. (heh)

Penn State (17-12, 4-2) RPI: 106

03/30/16 BINGHAMTON W 5-2
04/01/16 PURDUE W 3-1
04/02/16 PURDUE W 7-2
04/02/16 PURDUE W 7-6
04/05/16 PITTSBURGH W 7-0
04/06/16 at Lafayette W 20-12

Using the momentum of last week PSU is on an eight game win streak and are threatening to get in the double digits on RPI. Granted it wasn't against the greatest of competition but always take the wins when you can get them. Will get a tough test to that "momentum" when MSU comes to town.

Up next: 4/8 - 4/10 MSU; 4/13 Bucknell

Purdue (4-21, 0-6) RPI: 255

04/01/16 at Penn State L 1-3
04/02/16 at Penn State L 2-7
04/02/16 at Penn State L 6-7
04/05/16 at Indiana St. L 1-4

On the opposite side of things Purdue is on a ten game losing streak getting swept by PSU and losing a mid-week game to the Sycamores.

Up next: 4/8 - 4/10 @Indiana; 4/12 Eastern Michigan

Rutgers (12-16, 2-4) RPI: 73

03/30/16 at Monmouth L 2-12
04/01/16 INDIANA W 7-1
04/02/16 INDIANA W 3-2
04/02/16 INDIANA L 2-9
04/06/16 FORDHAM W 5-0

Got a good series win against Indiana after suffering from Monmouth's revenge. Still doesn't explain how this team is almost 70 spots higher in RPI than aOSU.

Up next: 4/8 - 4/10 St. Joseph's; 4/12 & 4/13 Seton Hall


Condemned to hell? Welp at least you aren't these guys:

Bartleby & Loki Chillin' in Cheestown

RPI as of 4/6/16 courtesy of

Players of the Week

Co-Players of the Week: Matt Ramsay OF, Sr., MICH & Matt Fiedler P/OF, Jr., MINN
Matt Ramsay had 9 RBIs on seven hits including three home runs. Seven of those RBIs came in a single game versus Northwestern this weekend. This is his first career Big Ten Player of the Week award.

Matt Fiedler hit .529 on the week with two home runs and seven RBIs on nine hits. This is his first career Big Ten Player of the Week award.

Pitcher of the Week: Howie Brey P, Sr., RU
Pitched a complete game allowing only one run and did not walk a single batter in a win over Indiana. This is his first career Big Ten Pitcher of the Week award.

Freshman of the Week: Marty Costes OF, MD
Hit .389 on the week while getting the lucky sevens (seven hits, seven RBIs, while adding seven runs). This is his first career Big Ten Freshman of the Week honor.

What to Watch This Week

BTN is doing its part to broadcast more and more B1G baseball/softball games so here is what you can find for baseball/softball coverage this week. All times Eastern

Friday, April 08 Ohio State - Maryland 5:30 PM
Sunday, April 10 Purdue - Indiana 3:00 PM

Friday, April 08 Michigan - Nebraska 8:30 PM
Sunday, April 10 Michigan - Nebraska 1:00 PM
Tuesday, April 12 Wisconsin - Minnesota 5:00 PM
Tuesday, April 12 Wisconsin - Minnesota 7:30 PM
Wednesday, April 13 Northwestern - Illinois 6:00 PM
Wednesday, April 13 Northwestern - Illinois 8:30 PM

Players of the week, schedule, and results courtesy of &